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  • Hybrid tea very fragrant flowers form elongated (26/28 petals) of a beautiful dark red and velvety, supported by a rosier robust and flowering. Its foliage of a red pruiné becomes dark green and reminds us of the leather. Flowering from may to frost. Exists in climbing

  • **Discovered by Rene BARTH**Unique ! Probably the most beautiful climbing of the market with its foliage unique evolving from a red pruiné to a dark green, glossy, disease resistance, and its flower is very large (26 petals), a cardinal red dark velvety and above all her divine scent ! Height 2/4 m.

  • Superb variety of flowers with the texture of silk, producing a fruity aroma. This rose will delight you with its flowers (40 petals) that will open in a cup shape and perfect in the colours unique and rare : purple supported ! Rosier very pushing to flowering continuous.

  • Splendid rose the colour orange light.Flowering is remontant. The flowers of 10cm in diameter, double, cup-shaped, joined together in clusters, sweet-scented stain of dark orange. The rose 'Fellowship' has a bushy habit and erect, and foliage dense and dark green. Rosa 'Fellowship' is a obtaining british created by Harkness in 1992. Slightly fragrant.

  • Flowers semi-double, red to 4 to 6 cm in diameter. Port covering. Planting 3 rose bushes to the m2 remote from 40 to 50 cm. Flowering from may to frost. Naturally resistant to the disease. Minimum maintenance and optional size.  

  • Flowers semi-double fragrant pure white 4 to 5 cm in diameter. Flowering from may to frost. Naturally resistant to the disease.

  • A beautiful rose in colours lilac purple, little common, including the beautiful flower cup-shaped, 35 to 40 petals, has an intense fragrance and a penetrating rosé verbena lemon. Shrub upright, flowering and resistant, with a large foliage medium green. The roses have a good resistance in vase. Diameter of flower is 10 cm.

  • In memory of the wonderful actress, this large rose is original by the power of his colours, as red as blood, very velvety(30/32 petals). Erect, very dense, beautiful green foliage bright. Many stems uniflores on the same branch. Flowering remontant.

  • Very beautiful red rose uniflore. By its shape, this rose is impressive elegance, and class. Always uniflore, it is a colours red deep dark to very bright. A rose ideal for picking. The plant is vigorous, erect, dressed in a beautiful dark green foliage bright. Light fragrance. Flower diameter 12 cm.

  • Hybrid tea with large flowers elegantly will (35 petals). Buttons are very elegant, flowers 13 cm in diameter with petals the colour pink mother-of-pearl reveals a setback in silver. Foliage green backed gloss. Height is 90/100 cm. Two exceptional qualities : resistance to diseases and powerful fruity aroma enhanced by a note of dew. Early flowering and...

  • Dark pink in colour intense cherry, classic fragrance and greenery to the intense activity. Has a resistance to disease to a great level. Number of petals : 58. Diameter of flower : 13 cm Foliage glossy dark green and decorative. Inflorescence : flowers solitary.

  • The bi-colour effect, white-lined red, is exceptional throughout the season. This is a rose which is also noticed by the abundance of flowering uninterrupted by the quality of the plant very strong. Gold medal in Buenos Aires and AARS (All America Rose Selection), reward the most prestigious in the USA. Approximately 35 petals. Diameter of flower is 10 cm.

  • CREATION BARTH 2014 ! A beautiful tribute to this great jazz guitarist, this rose named in July 2014 in Lochwiller, is a surprising variety : cherry red, deep and velvety on the button, it becomes two-tone yellow interior cream at the opening. Flowering soliflore or 2 or 3 flowers. Foliage bright green. 35 petals. Very uplifting with a beautiful...

  • Beautiful rose bush in flower bouquets (20 petals, flower diameter 8 cm). Light fragrance. Use : beds, bedding, cut flowers. Height 50/70 cm.

  • Rose of great value to the beautiful foliage, shiny green, as precious as the flower of a colour vermillion red gloss. 15 to 18 petals, flowering continuous.

  • This is an excellent floribunda vigorous and flowering very impressive from the plantation. Its flowers are large and full burst on a dark green foliage and brilliant. 30 petals, diameter of flower 6 to 8 cm. Inflorescence in clusters of 10 to 15 flowers. Scent is honey and lemon. Height 60/70 cm

  • Superb variety to massive colours of two-tone Orange and golden on the reverse. Bushy habit. flowering remontant throughout the summer. Very rustic.

  • This rose has all the charm of its flower-shape former with a tender and delicate colors cream pink. On the other hand, it is robust and is flowering again in the course of the summer. The rose 'Pierre de Ronsard'® was awarded in 2006 the supreme award of the World Federation of Societies of Roses being elected " a Pink Favorite around the World." Height...

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