Ideal for ROSES. Also suitable for flower beds, annuals,biennials and perennials, vegetable garden, fruit trees, massive and shrubs, plants of land of heather
* Thickness is recommended : about 5 cm
* Saves 1 water 2
* Severely limits the emergence of weeds
* Prevents erosion and evaporation
* Protects roots against the cold
* Nurtures, fertilizes and conditions the soil
***Good to know : during the establishment of the mulch, water thoroughly to release the natural gum of the shells. They stick together, thus forming a protective covering that is permeable to water and air, wind-resistant and adherent to the ground.
Usable in organic agriculture
Attention : the 1st year of planting, wait until the month of may to add mulch. The other years put the COPOCAO after the size of the roses c. to.d at the end of march/beginning of April
The bag 120 L - to 3 m2


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