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Roseraie Barth

  • Our News
    Our News

    This year again, we have added some selected innovations with always as much rigor among the best breeders of roses.Our roses are bred for two years under the rough Alsatian climate and grafted by professionals on Rosa Canina and Laxa, the only rootstocks adapted to the most severe climates and all soils, especially limestones. These roses are then torn off in the fall and stored in a cold room, to guarantee their qualities and your complete

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  • Dear Friends of Roses, Dear Customers
    Dear Friends of Roses, Dear Customers

    The Rose is the most beautiful Flower and the most appreciated ... It makes us dream for millennia by its perfection and its perfume. Planting a rose bush requires a bit of work and knowledge, but with our advice, we guarantee you a superb flowering throughout the season. The rose bush lends itself to all uses to embellish and decorate your garden, to cover your slope, pergola or toast, and especially with large flowers to perfume with refinement

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  • Reportage à la roseraie
    Reportage à la roseraie

    Discover the report on the rose garden!

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