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  • Rose bush with flowers clustered. Flowering remontant very generous of may until the frosts, very beautiful vegetation. Flowers of a beautiful dark red ideal for making bouquets.

  • This beautiful shrub has a colour unique violet purple and a powerful perfume of citrus and raspberry, which are its main assets. Its many flowers into neighbourhoods reminiscent of the old roses. Foliage dull green, diameter flowers 6 to 7 cm, number of petals 75 to 80.

  • The Pink "almost" black... Colour garnet red velvet with reflections depending on the lighting can give the illusion of a black rose. 40 petals. Inflorescence 3 to 5 flowers per stem.

  • This little ground cover you will revive in form of double flowers in "old" and its countless petals (50). Its colour is a light pink fresh. Very resistant to rain and disease. Height 40/60 cm, Width 40 cm. 4/m2

  • Eddy Mitchell wished to see a black rose as a reminder of its period "Black Socks". Meilland has done better, adding a touch of yellow, creating a color absolutely unique with the obverse side of petal red velvet almost black, and the reverse is yellow gold. Plant with bushy habit, continuous flowering, and with a strong vegetation, with foliage very dark...

  • This rose enriches our collection of climbing by its numerous pink flowers porcelain in a delicious fragrance of citrus and marshmallow. His force and his foliage light green brilliant are many additional advantages to its generous flowering remontant. Diameter of flower 6 to 8 cm, number of petals 70 to 80. Inflorescence in clusters of 3 to 5 flowers....

  • **Discovered by Rene BARTH**Unique ! Probably the most beautiful climbing of the market with its foliage unique evolving from a red pruiné to a dark green, glossy, disease resistance, and its flower is very large (26 petals), a cardinal red dark velvety and above all her divine scent ! Height 2/4 m.

  • In line with the large, deep-scented red flowers, this rose has beenpraised by the international juries of perfumers. The plant is very vigorous and passes years without encumbrance.

  • The bi-colour effect, white-lined red, is exceptional throughout the season. This is a rose which is also noticed by the abundance of flowering uninterrupted by the quality of the plant very strong. Gold medal in Buenos Aires and AARS (All America Rose Selection), reward the most prestigious in the USA. Approximately 35 petals. Diameter of flower is 10 cm.

  • The pink Mme A. Meilland is the most famous and most cultured in the world. Also known under the name of "Peace". This rose received AARS (All America Rose Selection), reward the most prestigious in the USA, and has been elected as the "Pink Favorite around the World." Diameter flower 15 cm.

  • Flowers semi-double, red to 4 to 6 cm in diameter. Port covering. Planting 3 rose bushes to the m2 remote from 40 to 50 cm. Flowering from may to frost. Naturally resistant to the disease. Minimum maintenance and optional size.  

  • This rose is exceptional in its globular shape of a deep purple and an intense and fruity fragrance. It has 50 to 60 petals, the diameter of the flower is 14 cm. The foliage is medium green glazed, and disease resistance is very good. Perfume Award in 2017 in ROME.

Showing 13 - 24 of 316 items