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The Mrs. A.Meilland rose is the most famous and widely cultivated in the world. Also known as "Peace".
This rose obtained the AARS (All América Rose Sélection), the most prestigious award in the USA, and was voted "Favorite Rose of the Whole World". Flower diameter 15 cm. It is a shrub rose with large two-tone yellow and carmine flowers.

This rose has large, very double golden yellow flowers that stand out beautifully against dark, shiny foliage. Sweet scent. Isolated, flower beds and cut flowers. Blooms from May to frost. This shrub rose is elegant and bright.

Magnificent rosebush with large flowers, with peach and coral nuances. The scent of this rose: intense and fruity.

The plant, with a bushy habit and very compact vegetation, is very resistant to diseases. The development height, average for a rose in this category (70/80 cm), allows the creation of beds or low borders.

Rosebush Broadway Nirpway

Price €13.00
Superb variety with flowers with a very special texture. This rosebush will enchant you with its flowers (45/50 petals) which will blossom in a perfectly shaped cup in a unique and rare color: antique rose backed with ocher backing. Very growing rosebush with uninterrupted flowering. Good disease resistance. Height: 70/80 cm.

USE. Excellent variety for beds and very suitable for growing in flower pots.
Large flower with a romantic shape, reminiscent of a peony, very round and full (30 to 40 petals). The intense magenta color will look amazing in your garden! Its fragrance, very present, recalls red fruits. Very good behavior towards the usual diseases of the rose bush. Continuous flowering from May to frost. Height: 70/80 cm.

USE: In the background, in flower beds and in flower beds. This rosebush with an elegant, regular and very stocky habit is ideal for the flower pot. VERY PERFUMED !
The Ragazza ® Adalekov rose will immediately stand out in your garden with its large, very petaled cut flowers (80/90).
Absolutely romantic, this very vigorous rosebush with abundant and very thick foliage and large stems will give you splendid bouquets.
The intense and fruity fragrance of this rose will delight you.
The Ville de Fontenay-aux-Roses ® Oralivi variety is a rosebush with large light pink flowers with salmon reflections.
The flowers, elegantly turbinate, emit a light and subtle fragrance. The plant, endowed with an excellent level of resistance to diseases.

What elegance and what perfume for this novelty! The well turbinated button made up of white petals edged with carmine pink has a golden reverse. This 14 cm diameter rose with 30 petals exudes a very intense fragrance. The early flowering continues uninterrupted until the first frost. Robust rosebush with dark green glossy foliage. Good disease resistance. VERY PERFUMED

Rewards :

2015 SNHF (Société Nationale d'Horticulture de France) Grand Prix de la Rose, FR : Grand Prix SNFH - All Categories

2014 Baden-Baden, DE : Honorary Prize of the Baden-Baden Casino

2014 Avignon (Alterarosa), FR : 3rd Alterarosa Prize (Audience Prize)

2014 Baden-Baden, DE : Bronze Medal

2013 Bagatelle, FR : Audience Award for Perfume

2013 Le Roeulx, BE : Audience Award for Perfume

2013 Lyon, FR : 3rd Prize - Bronze Medal

2012 Nantes, FR : Grand Prix International du Parfum

This beautiful rose was christened in October 2017 in Mulhouse ! This new rosebush is described by its designer as "early, back and generous flowers." Each flower has about 70 petals.It will be more ecru in summer and more dewy in autumn.His subtle and delicate perfume reminiscent of the English rose.

This rose bush forms a rather erect bush with robust and dense vegetation. Its elegant dark green satin foliage has very good disease resistance. Very beautiful turbinate roses 12 cm in diameter. A pleasant and fruity fragrance emerges from the 35 petals in a cherry pink hue. Ideal for bouquets.

This shrub rose with large flowers with a light fragrance will delight you with its bright red and yellow color. The bushy harbor is endowed with strong and regular vegetation. The foliage is dull dark green. In addition, this flower is remarkably resistant to diseases. 50 to 60 petals.

This rose is exceptional in its globular shape of a deep purple and
an intense and fruity fragrance. It has 50 to 60 petals, the diameter
of the flower is 14 cm. The foliage is medium green glazed, and
disease resistance is very good. Perfume Award in 2017 in ROME.

This rosebush with large flowers is splendid! At the beginning of its growth, the young flower is dark red in color, then over time when the flower opens, this color changes to a dark pink. The flowers diffuse a sensual floral accord of ROSE DE DAMASCUS combined with a powerful fruity note dominated by vine peach. This variety was selected by the Société Française des Parfumeurs and named on the 70th anniversary of the latter. This rose is very fragrant!