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The rose ‘Pascali’ will offer stunning creamy white flowers from June until the first frosts. Its blossom is lightly scented.
Very prolific flowering, it is one of the most beautiful roses modern white.

The pink Mme A. Meilland is the most famous and most cultured in the world. Also known under the name of "Peace".
This rose received AARS (All America Rose Selection), reward the most prestigious in the USA, and has been elected as the "Pink Favorite around the World." Diameter flower 15 cm.

What elegance and what perfume for this novelty ! The button well turbiné composed of white petals hemmed of pink carminé features a reverse gilded. This rose scent very intense. The early flowering lasts without interruption until the first frost. Rosier robust dark green foliage glossy. Good resistance to diseases. VERY PERFUMED

This beautiful rose was christened in October 2017 in Mulhouse! This new rosebush is described by its designer as "early, back and generous flowers." Each flower has about 70 petals.It will be more ecru in summer and more dewy in autumn.His subtle and delicate perfume reminiscent of the English rose.

This rose bush forms a rather erect bush with robust and dense vegetation. Its elegant dark green foliage has a very good resistance to disease. Very beautiful pink turbines 12 cm in diameter. A pleasant and fruity fragrance escapes from the 35 petals of a cherry pink hue. Ideal for bouquets.

This rose is exceptional in its globular shape of a deep purple and
an intense and fruity fragrance. It has 50 to 60 petals, the diameter
of the flower is 14 cm. The foliage is medium green glazed, and
disease resistance is very good. Perfume Award in 2017 in ROME.

Large-flowered rosebush with a strong, dark-red scent in the young
flower stage that turns to a dark pink when the flower blooms.
The flowers spread a sensual floral accord of ROSE DAMAS mixed with
a powerful fruity note dominated by peach. Variety selected by the French Society of Perfumers and named on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the SFP.