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Rosebush Gold Glow

Price €8.00

This rosebush "Gold Glow" is splendid. The large, bright flowers are colored a golden yellow. The leaves are dark green and shiny. The rose has a turbinate shape, its number of petals amounts to 120 petals. The diameter of the flower measures 14 cm. This plant has a bushy and erect habit, its vegetation is vigorous. Flowering is remontant and occurs from May to frost. This rose has a sweet fragrance.

Rosebush Picadilly

Price €8.00

It is a magnificent rosebush with shimmering colors! The rose is colored with red, pink and yellow. Its foliage is emerald green and shiny. Each rose initially has a turbinate heart before flaring out into a cup. This plant has abundant and vigorous flowering. The flower is fragrant.

Rosebush Pascali

Price €8.00

The "Pascali" rose is a very beautiful rose. It is one of the most beautiful modern white roses: its flowers are colored creamy white with shiny dark green foliage. Each rose is turbinate in shape. The rose is composed of 35 petals and measures 6 cm in diameter. This rose is very floriferous, its vegetation is vigorous. It flowers from June until the first frosts. This plant is slightly fragrant.

The Mme A.Meilland rose is the most famous and cultivated in the world. This rose is also called "Peace". It is a shrub rose with large flowers. The roses are colored yellow and dotted with pink. The foliage is colored green and it is shiny. The flower has a diameter of 15 cm. It is a very floriferous rosebush and its vegetation proves to be vigorous.

Reward :

- Obtaining the AARS (All America Rose Selection)

- the most prestigious award in the USA: "Favorite Rose of the Entire World".

Rosebush Mister Lincoln

Price €8.00

Flowers 14 cm in diameter, of 35 petals about double, often solitary, very fragrant stain of dark red velvet. Flowering is remontant.
Rose 'Mister Lincoln' has an erect habit and foliage sometimes susceptible to black spot.

Rosebush Dame De Coeur

Price €8.00

Rose 'Dame de Coeur' has an erect habit and green foliage shiny and healthy. Flowering is remontant. Flowers 12cm in diameter, double, solitary, slightly fragrant stain of cherry-red.

Obtained by the rosiériste Tantau in 1957, the rose 'Prima Ballerina' is a rose bush is vigorous and resistant to diseases.
Its flower buds are large and elegant. Flowers semi-double, 20 petals of pink cherry is very tasty.

Rosebush Criterion

Price €8.00

It is a very pretty bush rose with large flowers. The roses are magenta in color and the foliage is colored dark green. The rose is composed of 35 petals and measures 12 cm in diameter. This flower has a turbinate shape. The plant has a bushy habit, vigorous vegetation, it is very floriferous. This rose has an intense fragrance.

Rosebush Beauté

Price €8.00

It is a beautiful shrub rose as its name suggests! The rose has an equally beautiful light orange color. Its foliage is shiny green. This flower has an elongated shape, it is composed of 25 petals and measures a diameter of 10 cm. The plant is very floriferous and its vegetation is vigorous. Its flowering period is from June until the first frosts.

The rosebush is very good with its rounded flowers. Each rose is colored oriental rose with matte green foliage that stands out well in the landscape. The rose has a total of 80 petals and is 9 cm in diameter. The plant is robust with an erect habit. The rosebush has other qualities such as very strong vegetation with repeating and abundant flowering which occurs from May to frost. The fragrance is with notes of fruity rose, lychee and honey.

Use :

Massive, isolated, border and cut flowers

The rosebush has all the technical assets to adapt to most situations encountered in the garden. Each rose is colored a beautiful bright red. Its foliage is green and matte. The flower has an elongated, turbinate shape, its number of petals is 50 petals and measures 8 cm. The plant has an erect habit and its vegetation is strong. Its flowering is abundant and remontant.

Use :

Outdoor beds and cut flowers

Reward :

This variety won the Public Prize in Barcelona in May 2015

This rose is a must have in your landscapes! The flowers are colored a beautiful antique pink. The foliage is dense and shiny. The flower has a quarter shape, it is made up of 50 petals and has a diameter of 10 cm. The plant has a bushy habit, its vegetation is strong and regular. Also, this rosebush has an abundant and remontant flowering. The intense fragrance is fruity and tangy. The inflorescence is solitary or in a cluster of 1 to 3 flowers.

Use :

Beds, flowerbeds and/or outdoor cut flowers

It is a rosebush with very elegant flowers that will embellish your landscapes! The roses are colored fuschia purple and its foliage is dense medium green. The flower has a flat shape and it consists of 40 petals and is 8 cm in diameter. The plant has a bushy habit and its vegetation is vigorous. It is a very floriferous rose bush, its flowering turns out to be repeat-flowering. Its inflorescence is in a cluster of 2 to 3 flowers. The scent is fruity and sweet.

Use :

Beds, flowerbeds and/or outdoor cut flowers

This rose is very pleasant and blends well into the landscape. The flowers are finely sculpted and the pearly pastel color goes perfectly with this rose. The foliage is medium green and glossy. Each rose is cup-shaped, has 60 petals and measures 10 cm in diameter. This plant has an erect and opulent port, its flowering is from spring until frost. Its inflorescence is 1 to 3 flowers per stem. Also, this rosebush is vigorous, it is very scented with anise.

Use :

For classic plantations of low hedges, borders and single-colour beds.

Let yourself be won over by the charm of this amber-yellow, floriferous and powerfully scented variety.

Like the music composed by its godmother, a Country Music artist widely recognized by her North American peers, this rosebush will take you to the rhythm of twirling and frenzied blooms.

With Rose Alleyson, your whole garden will deploy a vegetal choreography of Country Line Dance.

Coming from a prestigious family, directly linked to the reigning courts of Europe, Henryane de Chaponay has devoted her life to the emancipation of populations in developing countries (Latin America and North Africa in particular).

This rose bush, compact and floriferous, bears two-tone orange-yellow flowers with incomparable brilliance.

The Audrey FLEUROT ® Meicatess rose, dedicated to the famous French actress, has everything to please: from May to frost, it produces very many large, romantic flowers in a pleasant dark pink colour.

They exhale an exquisite fragrance, with notes of mango and citrus. The well-balanced plant has good disease resistance and its dark green foliage remains very healthy throughout the season. A variety which, like its godmother, will not leave anyone indifferent!

Black Perfumella ® Meizhoro, an enchantment for all rose lovers.

From May to frost, many dark red flowers with purplish, almost black reflections give off their intoxicating scent of red fruits.

Their good vase life makes them ideal for making fragrant bouquets all season long.

The variety Nomzamo ® Ludjealous, and dedicated to the actress NOMZAMO MBATHA, a real star in Southern Africa and also ambassador of the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). In the Zulu language, MZAMO refers to the fact of never giving up and considering that nothing is impossible for those who do not give up.
Indeed, nothing is impossible with Nomzamo ® Ludjealous, whose particularity lies in the combination of a supple, landscape-like habit and large flowers in a salmon-pink quarter that evokes the charm of a variety of yesteryear.

This superb rose, with a refined silhouette, has a white color finely tinged with light pink at the edge of the petals.

The flowers, elegantly turbinated, exhale an intense, sweet and bewitching fragrance.

The plant will offer you a very abundant and remontant flowering.

It is a rose with a lively and radiant charm that expresses the temperament of this talented actress.

Its subtle fruity fragrance accompanies a plant with brilliant foliage of exceptional resistance.

A bushy habit, very strong growth of flowers 10 to 12 cm in diameter and excellent disease resistance characterize this rose. Its abundant and remontant flowering offers you an inflorescence in a cluster of 1 to 5 flowers.

Use :

beds and outdoor cut flowers

If the madrigal, vocal music of the 16th century appealed to several voices, Madrigal ® Oragidel does not hesitate to summon several advantages :

vigorous and healthy vegetation, a noble and well-turbined Venetian pink flower and finally a fragrance as powerful as it is bewitching.

These undeniable vegetative, floral and olfactory qualities have earned Madrigal ® Oragidel, the most beautiful rose in France 2021, to also be widely rewarded outside our borders (Switzerland, Spain, Italy).

It is therefore with complete peace of mind that you can grow the Madrigal ® Oragidel variety, a guarantee of robustness, floridity and fragrance.

Use :

beds and outdoor cut flowers

Awards :

Most Beautiful Rose of France, Lyon, 2021

Gold medal, Boulogne, 2021

Perfume Prize, Barcelona, Nyon, Paris-Bagatelle, 2021

Zero treatment label, Nyon, 2021

The nobility of the Eve de Rothschild ® Lapdila rose combines, through its shapes, the elegance of a soft color with a fragrance with fruity notes. This rose offers abundant, repeat flowering on vigorous vegetation.

Its flower, with a diameter of 12 cm is made up of about 45 petals, its very beautiful deep pinkish white color is accompanied by satiny dark green foliage.

This rose has a bushy habit as well as dense and vigorous vegetation. Its abundant and remontant flowering offers you an inflorescence in a cluster of 2 to 3 flowers.

Use :

beds and outdoor cut flowers

It is a very floriferous rose whose classic beauty of the flowers is enhanced by a yellow color of dazzling luminosity. Its subtle fragrance will charm you.

The plant is robust and its regular growth.

Its foliage is satiny green. Each rose consists of approximately 70 petals with a diameter of 8 cm. The plant has a bushy habit and its vegetation is regular. The rosebush also has an abundant and repeat flowering which occurs from May to frost. The inflorescence of the rose is in a cluster of 3 to 5 flowers.

Let yourself be charmed by the assets of its color and its generous flowering.

Use :

outdoor beds, flowerbeds and cut flowers


Price €13.00

New variety with a bright colour, creamy white sometimes speckled or bordered with intense pink. the turbinate flowers, produced from spring until autumn, exhale a pleasant spicy fragrance, with notes of verbena. The plant, vigorous and balanced, is also exceptionally resistant to diseases. 40 to 45 petals, flower diameter 11 cm

This superb variety with large, powerfully scented red flowers takes us into the world of wine; The Hameau Duboeuf is indeed an exceptional educational
site for anyone interested in the history of wine and in particular that of the Beaujolais terroir. The roses are nicely turbinated and carried by a solid
and floriferous plant. 50 petals, flower diameter 7/8 cm

This rose bush with large flowers in shades of peach color and large, slightly glazed green foliage blends very nicely into the landscape. This rose has a turbinate shape, it is composed of 50 to 60 petals and a diameter of 12 to 13 cm. The scent of this rose is intense and fruity. The plant has a strong and regular vegetation and its habit turns out to be erect and compact, its height is 70-80 cm. Its inflorescence is often uniflorous. Its flowering is from May to frost. 

Use :

For beds or low borders

The "Jeanne Coeur" variety is dedicated to the France Répit foundation, it is a rosebush with large flowers! The roses are colored primrose yellow which evolves towards pure white. The foliage is shiny green. The flower is turbinate in shape, it consists of 50 petals and measures a diameter of 12 cm. The plant has an erect habit and its vegetation is strong. This rose blooms abundantly and repeats. Its flowers leave a perfume with lemony notes.

Use :

Beds, outdoor cut flowers

Word from the breeder :

"Variety of exceptional vigor. Captivating fragrance. Excellent pot life. A lot of charm for this variety which perfectly symbolizes the support that the eponymous association provides to patients or their caregivers who stay at the respite house of Lyon"

This rose is described by its breeder as a "unique and subtly scented rose". It is a rose "Made in Alsace" and it was baptized in October 2017 in Mulhouse! The rose is colored in several colors such as pink, ecru and yellow peach. It will be more ecru in summer and more dewy in autumn. Also, it is a generous flower with a total of 70 petals. The flower has a subtle and delicate fragrance reminiscent of the English rose. This rose bush is also described by its designer as "precocious, remontant and generous in bloom". Its flowering is vigorous.