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This rosebush is miniature and traditional in shape! Its beautiful red petal color and dense, glossy dark green foliage stand out well in the landscape. The rose is composed of 49 petals and measures a diameter of 6 cm. Its inflorescence is 2 to 5 flowers and its abundant flowering occurs in spring and autumn.

This small, slightly pinkish-white rosebush with shiny green foliage is very popular. The flowers are cup-shaped and they are composed of 25 petals. The flowering of this rosebush is remontant, its port is upright and bushy. The rose has a light fragrance.

This vigorous miniature rose is covered with small pastel pink flowers with a very elegant shape. Its foliage is medium green. The abundance of spring flowering is spectacular. Each rose is composed of 29 to 33 petals on average and is 6 cm in diameter. This flower is slightly fragrant.

Dieser prächtige kleine Rosenstrauch mit Schattierungen von elfenbeinweißer Farbe und glänzendem dunkelgrünem Laub wird in verschiedenen Landschaften großartig aussehen. Jede Rose besteht aus 65 bis 70 Blütenblättern. Die Pflanze ist homogen und kompakt. Diese Rose eignet sich für Steingärten, Rabatten und Balkone. Der Rosenstrauch hat einen kompakten Wuchs, seine Vegetation ist niedrig und seine reiche Blüte ist aufsteigend. Der Blütenstand steht in Büscheln von 6-7 Blüten.

This miniature rose is an excellent variety with numerous apricot-colored flowers and light green foliage. Each rose consists of 35 to 40 petals and measures a diameter of 4 to 5 cm. The shape of the flower is flat and its flowering is abundant and remontant. The inflorescence is in clusters of 7 to 10 flowers. The plant is particularly suitable for growing in pots or balconies. Its fragrance is light.

This small rosebush with very bright golden yellow flowers will find its place in your decorations. Its foliage is medium green. Each rose has 30 to 35 petals and measures 3 to 5 cm in diameter. This flower has a shape that is slightly globular. Its flowering is abundant and remontant. Its inflorescences are made in clusters of 3 to 5 flowers. The habit of the plant turns out to be compact and bushy. Without perfume

Use :

For decorating rock gardens, for creating low borders and flower pots.

Rosebush Roma ® Joerger

Price €10.00

It is a very beautiful cardinal red miniature rose with small dark green and shiny foliage. Each flower has a ranunculus shape and it consists of 20 petals. Its diameter is 5 cm. It has a strong and regular vegetation and its port is compact. Its inflorescence is in small clusters. This plant blooms from May to frost. This rose is lightly scented.