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It is a magnificent rosebush with shimmering colors! The rose is colored with red, pink and yellow. Its foliage is emerald green and shiny. Each rose initially has a turbinate heart before flaring out into a cup. This plant has abundant and vigorous flowering. The flower is fragrant.

This cluster-flowered shrub rose is a beautiful dark red with green foliage. It is a vigorous rosebush and its repeat flowering is very generous from May until frost. It has very beautiful vegetation. These roses are ideal for making bouquets.

This rose tree stands out from other roses by its shape and color. It is a bedding rose with repeat flowering. This rose is made of a beautiful yellow color that is very vivid and bright. Its diameter measures 7cm. It is a superb flower which decorates the landscape very nicely, it is cup-shaped, very flared. Its habit is compact and its foliage healthy.

This bush rose with clustered flowers stands out well in the landscape thanks to its brilliant velvety red color and its purple-brown foliage. This rose is found in a bouquet of 3 to 5 flowers. The beautiful flower is fragrant and floriferous.

This flower is very beautiful and its coral pink color gives a romantic atmosphere. Its flowering is remontant. This rose is adorned with double flowers and is also remontant. It is a small rose with a bushy and rustic habit, it settles in a bed or on the edge of the beginning of summer until frost. 

The Mme A.Meilland rose is the most famous and cultivated in the world. This rose is also called "Peace". It is a shrub rose with large flowers. The roses are colored yellow and dotted with pink. The foliage is colored green and it is shiny. The flower has a diameter of 15 cm. It is a very floriferous rosebush and its vegetation proves to be vigorous.

Reward :

- Obtaining the AARS (All America Rose Selection)

- the most prestigious award in the USA: "Favorite Rose of the Entire World".

The "Pascali" rose is a very beautiful rose. It is one of the most beautiful modern white roses: its flowers are colored creamy white with shiny dark green foliage. Each rose is turbinate in shape. The rose is composed of 35 petals and measures 6 cm in diameter. This rose is very floriferous, its vegetation is vigorous. It flowers from June until the first frosts. This plant is slightly fragrant.

This rose is one of the classic roses, it turns out to be very decorative! Its flowers are made of a very beautiful velvety red color, they are semi-double and well open. Its foliage is dark green and glossy. Each rose is made up of 25 petals and forms a set of 11 cm in diameter. The flower is slightly fragrant. This plant is vigorous and well branched. It is a fairly hardy rose as it thrives in all situations. 

It is a very pretty bush rose with large flowers. The roses are magenta in color and the foliage is colored dark green. The rose is composed of 35 petals and measures 12 cm in diameter. This flower has a turbinate shape. The plant has a bushy habit, vigorous vegetation, it is very floriferous. This rose has an intense fragrance.

It is a beautiful shrub rose as its name suggests! The rose has an equally beautiful light orange color. Its foliage is shiny green. This flower has an elongated shape, it is composed of 25 petals and measures a diameter of 10 cm. The plant is very floriferous and its vegetation is vigorous. Its flowering period is from June until the first frosts.

Renowned for its graceful flowers pink carminé, on long stems with almost no thorns, this rose, seen in many gardens, is very prolific flowering in all the culture conditions and the like even in mid-shade. A light fragrance and discreet, and the flowers will bloom from June until freeze-up.
Plant healthy and vigorous.

This rosebush "Gold Glow" is splendid. The large, bright flowers are colored a golden yellow. The leaves are dark green and shiny. The rose has a turbinate shape, its number of petals amounts to 120 petals. The diameter of the flower measures 14 cm. This plant has a bushy and erect habit, its vegetation is vigorous. Flowering is remontant and occurs from May to frost. This rose has a sweet fragrance.

This rose is very decorative. The petals are light cardinal red in color and its foliage is green and dense. The rose has a crumpled shape, it has a total of 13 petals. The diameter of the flower is 11 cm. The flower inflorescence is 6-15 flowers. The port of the rose is bushy and homogeneous. This Rose is naturally resistant to diseases, parasites and pollution, without treatments or pesticides. The plant has a continuous flowering. It also benefits from an exceptional floridity, very early and almost permanent even after the first frosts. The autumn reflowering is remarkable.

Reward :

2000 : A.A.R.S (All America Rose Selection)

2001 : Genoa, Italy: Rosa di Euroflora and Gold Medal

2002 : A.D.R (Anerkannte Deutsche Rose)

This rosebush is miniature and traditional in shape! Its beautiful red petal color and dense, glossy dark green foliage stand out well in the landscape. The rose is composed of 49 petals and measures a diameter of 6 cm. Its inflorescence is 2 to 5 flowers and its abundant flowering occurs in spring and autumn.

Dieser prächtige kleine Rosenstrauch mit Schattierungen von elfenbeinweißer Farbe und glänzendem dunkelgrünem Laub wird in verschiedenen Landschaften großartig aussehen. Jede Rose besteht aus 65 bis 70 Blütenblättern. Die Pflanze ist homogen und kompakt. Diese Rose eignet sich für Steingärten, Rabatten und Balkone. Der Rosenstrauch hat einen kompakten Wuchs, seine Vegetation ist niedrig und seine reiche Blüte ist aufsteigend. Der Blütenstand steht in Büscheln von 6-7 Blüten.

This miniature rose is an excellent variety with numerous apricot-colored flowers and light green foliage. Each rose consists of 35 to 40 petals and measures a diameter of 4 to 5 cm. The shape of the flower is flat and its flowering is abundant and remontant. The inflorescence is in clusters of 7 to 10 flowers. The plant is particularly suitable for growing in pots or balconies. Its fragrance is light.

This small rosebush with very bright golden yellow flowers will find its place in your decorations. Its foliage is medium green. Each rose has 30 to 35 petals and measures 3 to 5 cm in diameter. This flower has a shape that is slightly globular. Its flowering is abundant and remontant. Its inflorescences are made in clusters of 3 to 5 flowers. The habit of the plant turns out to be compact and bushy. Without perfume

Use :

For decorating rock gardens, for creating low borders and flower pots.

It is a very beautiful cardinal red miniature rose with small dark green and shiny foliage. Each flower has a ranunculus shape and it consists of 20 petals. Its diameter is 5 cm. It has a strong and regular vegetation and its port is compact. Its inflorescence is in small clusters. This plant blooms from May to frost. This rose is lightly scented.

It is a rose that will delight you with its continuous flowering! The rose is simple in shape and red in color with dense dark green foliage. Each flower consists of 25 petals and measures a diameter of 8 cm. This plant has a bushy covering habit and its inflorescence is made up of 2 to 5 flowers. This rose is very floriferous. Indeed, in the fall, it will still be in full expression of its art, covered with flowers, compact and disease-free.

Uses : beds and borders

Awards :

2013 :

Paris Bagatelle, France: 1st prize and public choice

Lyon, France: 1st prize

Monza, Italy: Best Variety of Urban Landscape Award

2014 :

Paris Bagatelle, France: Landscape Certificate

Lyon, France: Remontance and Resistance Prize

Baden b. Wien, Austria: 1st Prize

2015 :

Orléans, France: Environment Prize

Glasgow Scotland: Gold Medal from the City of Glasgow


This magnificent shrub is the perfect complement to our range of landscape roses. The rose has petals of a unique purple-violet color and its foliage is a dull green color. The flower has a total of 80 petals and measures 7 cm in diameter. This plant has a bushy habit and its vegetation is vigorous. This shrub has a flowering which is ascending, its inflorescence as for it is in cluster of 3 to 5 flowers. The fragrance is with citrus and raspberry notes, the scent is intense.

Use : beds, hedges and isolated

Awards :

- Baden-Baden Perfume Prize 2008

- Madrid Perfume Prize 2008

- Saverne Perfume Prize 2008

- Barcelona Perfume Prize 2008

- Monza Perfume Prize 2008

- Crown of Queen Theodolinde Monza 2008

The Amber Queen rose is endowed with a unique beauty. Its amber color and medium green, semi-gloss foliage gives it an exceptional character. Its shape is hollow cut, the rose has 15 petals and measures 8 cm in diameter. This rose has an erect habit, its vegetation is bushy. Its flowering is continuous and its inflorescence and in bouquet. This flower is very fragrant !

Awards :

- AARS 1998

- Bronze Medal Baden-Baden 1987

- Rose d'Or of the City of Orleans 1987

- Rose of the Year A.J.H in 1986

- "Rose de l'Euroflora" and obtaining the Gold Medal at the International Rose Competition in Genoa 1986

- Most beautiful Rose of the Century at the Lyon 1984 International Rose Competition

- Certificate of Perfume in The Hague 1984

- Bronze Medal in Madrid 1984

- Silver Medal in Kortrijk - Belgium in 1984

- Rose of the Year R.N.R.S Great Britain in 1983

- Criterium de la Rose 1988 in Orleans

- Grand Prize of Excellence 1989 International Competition of Rose Orléans

- Certificate of Merit at RNRS 1983

- Rose of the Year RNRS 1984

This rose bush amazes thanks to its sunny yellow color hemmed with carmine and its varnished medium green foliage makes it a splendid rose! This rose has a turbinate shape and is made up of 45 petals and 16 cm in diameter. This plant is robust, vigorous and very floriferous with a very long hold. Its vegetation is strong and its inflorescence is done in clusters, the effect is in any case dazzling. The flower is slightly fragrant.

Reward :

- 2007 Orléans, France : Rose de Cristal (Audience Award)

- 2007 Orléans, France : Certificate of Merit

- 2006 Lyon, FR : Certificate 

- 2005 Lyon, France : Great Roses of the Century - HT

It is a very beautiful shrub rose with grouped flowers. Its roses are two-tone : orange and gold on the reverse! Each flower is composed of 25 petals and measures a diameter of 8 cm. It is a rose that is very hardy, its port is bushy and its flowering is repeating all summer.