List of products by brand Roseraie Barth

This beautiful shrub has a colour unique violet purple and a powerful perfume of citrus and raspberry, which are its main assets. Its many flowers into neighbourhoods reminiscent of the old roses. Foliage dull green, diameter flowers 6 to 7 cm, number of petals 75 to 80.

Shrub-dome large, single flowers of bright red colour with stamens golden-yellow, clearly visible and with very few petals (5). The plant, with arching branches, is vigorous and resistant to diseases. Its foliage is abundant and very healthy. Flowering continues. Height 80 cm, Width 80/100 cm. 2/m2

The bi-colour effect, white-lined red, is exceptional throughout the season. This is a rose which is also noticed by the abundance of flowering uninterrupted by the quality of the plant very strong. Gold medal in Buenos Aires and AARS (All America Rose Selection), reward the most prestigious in the USA. Approximately 35 petals. Diameter of flower is 10 cm.

A beautiful two-tone with large flowers sensual with light petals in the air, combining subtly their soft lemon yellow to a strong red strawberry. Vegetation regular and homogeneous, and beautiful dark foliage and brilliant. Approximately 45 petals. Gold medal at Monza and The Hague, of money to saverne and Kortrijk. Diameter flower 9 cm.

Flowers of a pure vermilion gloss on a fine foliage bronze green. Flowering of an extraordinary abundance which is prolonged late in autumn, and even in the heart of the winter in mediterranean areas. Rosier naturally resistant to pests and pollution, without treatment or pesticides, and rewarded by the prestigious A. D. R. German. Width 50 cm. 3/m2

All the charm of the roses of the past, but on a rosier particularly flowering and resistance to be quite exceptional. Many small pink flowers Neyron long-term. High resistance to frost. Ideal for low hedges, berms, isolated groups, baskets of shrubs. Rosier honored by the prestigious A. D. R. German.
Width 80/120 cm. 2/m2

A shrub of great interest to the port drooping and the bloom is very abundant. Its flowers are pink-backed color persistent to ensure exceptional decoration during all the beautiful season. Its dark green foliage and free from diseases is a great complement to this variety. Width 60 cm. 2 to 3/m2

Shrub ground covers of very great interest. The colour blood-red sparkling of its many flowers is particularly weather-resistant. It is to emphasize the faculty of this variety to have a withering own. Variety very hardy and free from disease. Width 40/60 cm. 2 to 3 /m2

Ground covers, flowering very abundant and special charm by its double flowers, candy pink, pronounced (16/20 petals, diameter of 6/7 cm). Foliage fresh green shiny. All these qualities make it a rosier landscape very interesting because of its brightness and its flowering very uplifting. Height 60 cm in the 1st year, 70/100 cm in the 2nd year, width 40/60 cm. 3/m2

Rose flowers grouped in pink colour, from the East to the reverse rose neyron clear (52/55 petals). Nature has provided this variety of 3 graces plant :
- beautiful pink flowers throughout the season
- a plant compact and well-branched
-excellent disease resistance and robustness, such as the rose accepts a size mechanics for achieving alignments in bloom.

This rose will delight you with its flowers (40/50 petals of a delicate pink, which bloom in the cup of perfect shape. Vigour and resistance to diseases that are very rare, this climbing flowers-style "English Rose" to the opening romantic is unique.. Great resistance of its foliage is very bright and blends nicely with the flower.

What a warm colour for this flower in the heart very tight, sunshine yellow edged carmine ! This pink (52/58 petals), driven by a rosier hardy,vigorous and heavy flowering has a very long-lasting. Its colors contrast beautifully with the dark green foliage. Inflorescence, sometimes solitary, sometimes in a corymb.

Shrub rose, very decorative, sturdy, rich-flowering and easy to maintain. Planting preference by a group or a flowering hedge in a mixture with arustes to flowers. Flowers abundant in the form of old roses and a rose pure (10 petals).
Height 80 cm, Width 80 cm. 2/m2