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  • This rose produces very large flowers globose pale pink, which resemble peonies. The scent is remarkable !  

  • Flowers deep cut open progressively to give a rosette, slightly cut. “Benjamin Britten” is a rose practice to bring a touch of color among the softer tones of most of the English Roses.. Her scent is a fruity intense with a side drop of wine and pear. 1.25 m x 1m.

  • Flowers of a crimson red deep and bright which open in a cutter structured and flexible at the same time. Scent remarkable. Rose bush vegetation is vigorous and constant climbs willingly and bows gracefully under the weight of its flowers. Top. 1.20 to 2.40 m. Width 1m.

  • Flowers in cup, apricot, copper, and yellow with outer petals of pink. Scent strong and fruity. Flowers single or in clusters. Bush vigorous, erect.  

  • Rose to pink flowers are charming in cross section, whose outer petals are white. Shrub, robust vigorous growth which exhales the scent of "old roses" with a fruity note of apple. Height 1.20 m approximately

  • This rose erect and sturdy door of the large flowers in rosettes, a pink-backed intense, pleasant fragrance of rose old. Height 1.20 m approximately

  • Flowers in cross section, of a golden yellow very pronounced, and intense fragrance. The plant has an erect but flexible. Height 1.20 m approximately

  • All the charm of old roses. Low vegetation, rather erect. One of the most beautiful pink English but who may suffer under heat important and therefore discoloring. Avoid planting in full sun. Pink flowers flesh-colour on the edge of the petals. Fruity aroma. Height : 0.90 m approximately

  • The flowers in the colours garnet and dark, and the shape a little loose, reminiscent of the peony. Light fragrance of Rose Old. Dense vegetation. Rosier back. Height 0.90 m approximately

  • Large flowers in cross section, of a pure white, with light fragrance and sweet honey. The plant is resistant to frost even if the vegetation is not very luxuriant. This rose is a mutation of 'Mary Rose'. Height 1.20 m

  • Rose is very robust and generous flowering with flowers in wide rosettes. The color is soft apricot, faded to cream on the outer petals. Delicate scent of Tea Rose. Ideal for a flat band... Height 1.20 m / width 1 m

  • Large shrub with slightly pendulous, ideal at the rear of a solid. The flowers are quite large, rosettes well-ordered of a lovely apricot-orange. Robust and healthy in all climates. Would make a great little climbing. Its fragrance is strong and fruity, such as Roses Tea. Height 1,50 m / Width 1.40 m

Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items