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  • A foliage outstanding, healthy, shiny, highlights the flowers large and double (15/18 petals). Its intense perfume and its colour amber single give it an exceptional character. Flowering almost continuous

  • The rose BABY BLUE will seduce you with its original fuchsia color and especially its intense scent. It is very resistant to diseases and its flowering is rising. Its foliage is medium green matte.

  • The brilliance of his colours, we wake up pleasantly and puts a hit of sun on the garden ! The clusters of flowers all in shades of bright orange and fire cover a beautiful dense foliage. The flower in the cup of a diameter of 6/7 cm has 25 to 30 petals. Profuse flowering and remontant, inflorescence in a raceme of 3 to 5 flowers.

  • Magnificent rose bushy harbor. Very flowering and very remontante variety whose flowers are turbinated, fragrant and a pretty sweet pink.

  • Rose to massive flowering remontant. The flowers 7cm diameter, double, cup-shaped, joined together in clusters, very fragrant take on colour of bright yellow. Rose 'Golden Delight' has a compact habit and foliage healthy.  

  • A rosebush to massive vigorous and healthy, with beautiful flowers, red vermillion bright contrasting elegantly with the dark green foliage bright. Light fragrance.  

  • Superb plant bearing an abundance of flowers in the colour intense and bright rose-carmine. Port flexible, almost covering them. Foliage dark green, matt, flowering very abundant and continuous. Gold medal Bagatelle, Grande rose of the century Lyon. Approximately 25 petals.

  • Beautiful rose bush in flower bouquets (20 petals, flower diameter 8 cm). Light fragrance. Use : beds, bedding, cut flowers. Height 50/70 cm.

  • Rose flowers grouped in pink colour, from the East to the reverse rose neyron clear (52/55 petals). Nature has provided this variety of 3 graces plant : - beautiful pink flowers throughout the season - a plant compact and well-branched -excellent disease resistance and robustness, such as the rose accepts a size mechanics for achieving alignments in bloom.

  • This remarkable rose bush with flowers clustered pink to fuchsia, to the sumptuous foliage and brilliant, is the work of Bob Matthews, a new creator of the rose new Zealand. Its fragrance is fresh and spicy, diameter flowers 8 to 10 cm, number of petals 30 to 35. Foliage glossy dark green. Flowering in clusters of 5 to 7 flowers.

  • The bi-colour effect, white-lined red, is exceptional throughout the season. This is a rose which is also noticed by the abundance of flowering uninterrupted by the quality of the plant very strong. Gold medal in Buenos Aires and AARS (All America Rose Selection), reward the most prestigious in the USA. Approximately 35 petals. Diameter of flower is 10 cm.

  • The flowering of unbroken this rose is a real enchantment : the bouquets of roses, up to 8 flowers per stem, succeed one another in a bright colour red geranium bright on a beautiful foliage. Plant homogeneous and resistant. Approximately 25 petals. Diameter of flower is 10 cm.  

Showing 13 - 24 of 38 items