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  • This shrub with single flowers (5 petals) from a fresh pink to white heart is ready for many uses. Isolated, massive, or hedges. Tender green foliage. Height 120/150 cm, Width 150 cm. 1/m2

  • It is a rosier landscape new generation. A color scarlet, very successful for a floridity. intense and uninterrupted. Add to this a resistance to disease exceptional, this variety will quickly become the champion of the landscape. Foliage dark green, glossy. The form of the flower in the cup, the diameter of flower is 8 cm, number of petals : 63

  • Resistance to diseases and exceptional floribondity! Autumn bloom remarkable and pink color Bengal slightly suffusedwith bright red cardinal bright. Bushy harbor very homogeneous.Very dense and resistant foliage. Rewarded by the prestigious A.D.R.German, the gold medal in Genoa and the American A.A.R.S.

  • This beautiful shrub has a colour unique violet purple and a powerful perfume of citrus and raspberry, which are its main assets. Its many flowers into neighbourhoods reminiscent of the old roses. Foliage dull green, diameter flowers 6 to 7 cm, number of petals 75 to 80.

  • Splendid variety of a shrub of very high quality. Abundance of flowering, perfect outfit in the colours of its numerous white flowers (20/25 petals). Total resistance to disease.Foliage light green. Width 60 cm, 2 to 3/m2

  • Original, surprising, unique. These qualifiers define, without exaggeration, this new variety. The colour purple, and its scent is powerful to be a indispensable element for every garden. Foliage light green. Width 60 cm. 3/m2

  • Beautiful flowers are big and expressive, orange, salmon, contrasted by an abundance of foliage, fir tree green, intense and brilliant that will be a major asset to your hedge flowers. Use massive, hedges and cut flowers from the garden. 45 petals, spicy fragrance, inflorescence with 1 to 3 flowers.

  • The rose Westerland offers a continuous flowering from spring to autumn. Its flowers are big and fragrant, semi-double one color, bright Yellow-orange. This vigorous rose has a beautiful foliage shiny. Width 60 cm, planting 2/m2

  • Shrub flowering particularly abundant and almost continuously throughout the season. The flowers are composed of five petals in gorgeous colours, salmon. High resistance to drought. Ideal for hedges and isolated groups. Height 100/130 cm. Width 80 cm. 2/m2

  • Its hardiness, the warm colour, yellow, and orange of its flowers (10/12 petals), take our imagination to this corner of africa where are the roses of the sands. A shrub of great value, heavy flowering, foliage medium green. Width 60 cm. 3/m2

  • This rose of old, shrub, bears beautiful flowers clustered bright yellow, fragrance pleasant. It is a rosebush vigorous ideal flowering hedge or isolated. Height 150 cm.

  • Rose from landscape to flowers grouped generosity are outstanding. The flowers, about 15 petals, of a pink colour, tender in the heart, creamy white, flower in corymbes on a regular basis. Sweet fragrance of wild rose. Beautiful dark green foliage, good disease resistance. Height 100/110 cm, Width 80 cm. 3/m2

Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items