Claire Austin door buttons in the cup of a pleasant form, and of a yellow tint, pale lemon, gradually open up to form large flowers of a creamy white representing the delicacy typical of the Moschata English. Their petals are perfectly arranged in concentric circles, with a few petals less tight in the center.

There is something unspeakable in the white roses. They express the purity, and light, and yet, among English Roses and Hybrid Tea, there are few good white roses. This is because it is very difficult to achieve the production of white roses. Claire Austin is the daughter of David Austin. It has a nursery that specializes in perennials, including the most beautiful collection of iris, peonies and daylilies.

All the roses from David Austin have something in common and reflect the vision of a man. All have beautiful flowers, in most cases wonderfully fragrant, blooming on shrubs that are both charming and elegant. Few gardens can compete with the exuberance of perfumes and flowers, these roses are exceptional.


Essential tips for successful planting of your Roses :

If you already had roses in the same place, change the earth to a depth of 60 cm.

Choose an airy and sunny (at least 4 hours of sunlight), avoid the proximity of trees or northern exposure.

Make a hole 50 cm deep and make an organic manure (aged manure, or compost 2 years minimum age...)

Put a layer of good soil (10 cm) of vegetable added, if needed 1/3 good potting soil to prevent the roots come in direct contact with the manure.

Roses bare-root : do not leave the air if you do not plant immediately. Leave them in their original packaging in a cool place protected from frost, wind and heat. Beyond 8 days put-in gauge.

The day before planting, soak completely in the water : the roots and branches.

Re-cut the roots before planting.

Place the rose bush and then fill in with soil, packing firmly with the foot to the ground all around the roots.

Rose bushes in clods : They can be stored for several days at the expense "off-gel" before planting. Remove the plastic bag, soak 1 to 2 hours the root ball in a bucket of water and plant the root ball, leaving the film around (biodegradable).

Roses in pots : Plant the rose with its root ball by watering thoroughly at planting.

Watering : Water thoroughly (8 to 10 L per rose) for planting.

When the ground is set, return of the land above the grafting point in order to avoid that the rose never dries out by the wind and from freezing in the winter.

The 1era year regular watering 1 x per week depending on the weather.

SIZE : Do not resize, not the branches when planting fall. For a planting of spring re-cut the branches from the end of march.

Winter Protection : Buttez your rose bushes in November, with the earth in 15 cm of height of branches to protect them from the cold weather.

At the beginning of march, remove the hump. Depending on your region and the type of rose, from late February to early April, remember to resize your rose bushes.





Data sheet

Very Perfumed
Type of flower
Very double
100/120 cm
Breeder - Publisher
Austin ®
White - cream
Disease resistance
Very resistant
Stem - Small Stem - Weeping
rose tree
Size on delivery
10 to 20 cm
Delivery ideal for planting
January, February, March, April, May, October, November, December
Sending period
oktober to june

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