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It is a very original rose bush with its carmine pink petals with a silvery underside. Its foliage is light green. The rose has a cup shape, its number of petals amounts to 40 and its diameter measures between 8 to 10 cm. The plant has a climbing and erect habit, its vegetation is strong. Also, this rose has repeat flowering and its inflorescence is in clusters of 1 to 3 flowers.

Red Label

Awards :

- Gold Medal The Hague

- Lyon Gold Medal

- Geneva Gold Medal

- Kortrijk silver medal

- Rome Silver Medal

- Baden-Baden Bronze Medal

Rosa ICEBERG CLG Climbing

Price €15.00

With its beautiful roses in pure white, double, in clusters, which are resistant to rain, this rose has great decorative qualities, it is beautiful trellised on a wall of dark bricks, for example. But he will dress as a grid of a fence or a pergola. In addition, it is quite disease resistant, very winding and provides excellent cut flowers.
Height 3 m

This climbing rose with creamy yellow petals and shiny green foliage will bring its romantic note. Each rose is cup-shaped with a diameter of 8 cm and 60 petals. The plant has vigorous vegetation, abundant and repeat flowering. Its inflorescence is in clusters of 6 to 9 flowers. The rose has a meadow and honey scent that will enchant nature lovers.

Reward :

- Silver Medal Geneva 2000

It is a rose that has a pink color and shiny light green foliage. All of this is fabulous. This rose has a quarter shape, it is composed of 70 petals and measures a diameter of 8 cm. The plant has a climbing habit, its vegetation turns out to be dense and rigorous. The rose has an abundant and ascending vegetation. Its inflorescence is in clusters of 3 to 5 flowers. The fragrance is made of citrus aromas.

Use : Facades, Pylones, Barriers and Pergolas

Awards :

- Baden Gold Medal 2007

- Bronze Medal Baden-Baden 2007

- Bronze Medal Tokyo 2010

Certified : Label Rouge

This rose is original with its striped cocoa and cream color. Its foliage is dark green, shiny and decorative. The rose is cup-shaped, it is made of 37 petals and measures a diameter of 9 cm. The plant has an average vegetation, a climbing habit and its flowering turns out to be bimodal. Its inflorescence consists of 2 to 5 flowers per stem. The flower has a light fragrance.

**Discovered by Rene BARTH**
Unique ! Probably the most beautiful climbing of the market with its foliage unique evolving from a red pruiné to a dark green, glossy, disease resistance, and its flower is very large (26 petals), a cardinal red dark velvety and above all her divine scent ! Height 2/4 m.

This rose has all the charm of its flower-shape former with a tender and delicate colors cream pink. On the other hand, it is robust and is flowering again in the course of the summer. The rose 'Pierre de Ronsard'® was awarded in 2006 the supreme award of the World Federation of Societies of Roses being elected " a Pink Favorite around the World." Height of 2/3 m

It is a very beautiful rose of ocher yellow color suffused with carmine red. Its foliage is dense, medium green and shiny. The color of this rose gives it its charm. The rose has a cupped shape, it has 35-40 petals on average and a diameter of 10 cm. This flower has a climbing port and its vegetation is very strong. The flowering of the plant is very abundant and its inflorescence and 2 to 5 flowers per stem. A great robustness and a good reflowering complete the assets of this beautiful plant.

This rosebush is gorgeous! Its petals are large, white in color with glossy dark green foliage. The flower brings its touch of whiteness to our gardens. The rose is in turbinate shape, it consists of 50 petals and measures a diameter of 11 cm. The rose has an upright climbing habit and its vegetation is rigorous. The flowering of this rose is repeat-flowering and its inflorescence is solitary or in clusters of 1 to 2 flowers.

It is a rose that is very beautiful! The petals are very original carmine red and yellow and illuminate the landscape. Its foliage is shiny dark green. The rose has a cup shape, 30 petals and a diameter of 12 cm. This plant has a climbing and erect port, its flowering is ascending. The inflorescence is solitary or in a cluster of 1 to 2 flowers.

Use : facades, pylons, barriers and pergolas

It is a climbing rose with large splendid flowers! The rose has a light lilac color with very beautiful green colored foliage. Each flower has 30 petals in total and is 10cm in diameter. This rose is very floriferous and its inflorescence is made in clusters of 3 to 4 roses. This plant is elegant and its fragrance is intense.

Use : fences, walls, facades, pergolas and pylons

It is a very beautiful climbing rose! The rose has a very bright pure yellow color and dark green foliage. Each rose has 30 petals in total and measures 12cm in diameter. This rose blooms vigorously and its inflorescence consists of 3 to 4 roses.

Use :

Ideal for trellises, fences, facades and pergolas

A white sport of "Mary Rose", with an occasional hint of pink. It produces a mass of fragrant, medium-sized, loosely petalled rosettes and continues to bloom at regular intervals throughout the summer. It is a well-formed shrub, with branching, bushy growth and attractive foliage. It owes its name to one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Great Britain. David Austin, 1984.

It is a variety of character very different from the general series of English Roses, being rather nearer to Species Roses than to Old Roses, and more natural and shrubby in its growth. A striking crimson red, the individual flowers can be described as shallow cupped, opening in informal rosettes; the petals reflect quickly as the flowers age. They are held by medium-sized heads; the individual flowers nod prettily on the stem. They have an Old Rose scent with a strong lemon zest character. It forms a strong and rather informal shrub. Named after Canterbury Cathedral.


SUMMER SONG ® Austango

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Vibrant flowers of an unusual red-orange color. They open in full cups, medium to large in size, with many inner petals arranged quite informally in a perfect ring of outer petals. They give off a pleasant mixed fragrance with notes of chrysanthemum leaves, ripe bananas and tea. It forms a bushy, upright shrub.

The exceptionally large bright pink flowers are full of petals and deeply cupped. Despite their size, they are never clumsy, as they are well maintained on a well-rounded shrub. The scent of fresh tea, strong and delicious, turns into lemon and eventually takes on accents of blackcurrant. It owes its name to Princess Alexandra, a gardening enthusiast.



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Medium sized cubs with a distinct rosette bloom - tinted orange at first, quickly becoming a rich yellow. It has a slightly to medium musky tea rose scent. Growth is compact, regular and erect. Named after the Wolverhampton Wanderers football stadium.


Rich orange-red buds open to calyx-shaped flowers filled with freely arranged orange petals. The surrounding outer petals are salmon pink with beautifully contrasting golden yellow undersides. There is a pleasant, warm tea scent, with hints of spiced apple and cloves. It quickly forms a bushy shrub with slightly arching stems and mid-green leaves, which have attractive, slightly bronze tones when young. The name is taken from one of Alfred's poems, Lord Tennyson to commemorate the 200th anniversary of his birth.

Always one of the first English Roses to begin flowering, its perfectly curled buds open to large, rosette-shaped blooms of brilliant pink. The strong and perfectly balanced scent of Old Rose is often described as the quintessence of Old Rose. It is a vigorous rose; it will form a medium-sized, upright shrub. Named in honor of the famous designer and author of gardens.


When young, the outer petals of each flower form a perfect ring around an inner cup, gradually opening to form a perfect medium to large sized rosette. The color is a deep, rich crimson pink, taking on a mauve hue just before the petals fall.

The scent is light to medium fruity. It forms a compact shrub with a nice bushy growth. It bears the name of the very famous ballerina.


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This vigorous and upright rosebush makes a very good climber, both in terms of its beauty and its performance. It bears pleasing, cup-shaped, pale lemon-colored buds that gradually open into large, creamy-white flowers, the outer petals of which are neatly arranged in concentric circles.

They have a strong scent of myrrh with hints of meadowsweet, vanilla and heliotrope. The growth is strong and particularly healthy, and it is dressed in pretty dull green foliage.

Bears very large, globular, light pink flowers, reminiscent of peonies. Despite their size, they are never clumsy and stand upright on the plant. The scent of the Old Rose is particularly strong and rich. It forms a bushy shrub; the flowers, leaves and growth are all proportionate. David Austin, 1986.

BATHSHEBA ® Auschimbley

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Apricot-yellow buds open into multi-petalled, shallow rosettes. They are a beautiful blend of subtle apricot pink and soft yellow, giving the overall impression of an apricot, with creamy outer petals. The myrrh scent is superb, with hints of honey and tea. It forms a short and vigorous climbing plant. The name was inspired by the heroine of Thomas Hardy's film, Far from the Madding Crowd.

An excellent all-rounder with flowers in fragrant rosettes Pretty buds blooming in beautiful cupped rosettes, of a medium pink and very uniform. Their fruity fragrance is light to moderately strong. This rose blooms particularly early in the season, and continues to bloom in waves well into late fall. It is a very healthy and well-balanced shrub, with dark green foliage that makes its flowers stand out perfectly. It is named after the daughter of David Austin Junior, and granddaughter of David Austin Sr.


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This vigorous climbing rose will illuminate your garden all summer long with a multitude of carmine pink pompoms with a white center evolving towards red-purple. Modern variety, going back well to flowers. Very healthy, it received the ADR label in 1991 attesting to its great ornamental qualities!


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Zéphirine Drouhin is the Romanica rose par excellence. Each of these climbing roses is infused with that wonderful old-fashioned rose scent that brings back memories of yesteryear. Due to its nearly thornless form, it is an excellent choice for use in floral arrangements and fresh-cut bouquets. These roses are gorgeous in an antique deep pink color that really pops against the dark green foliage.


Price €17.00

Very popular old variety due to its recurrent flowering and its exceptionally vigorous vegetation. It is very disease resistant. It trellises very easily thanks to its long flexible branches, almost without thorns. Sun or semi-shade exposure. The large double flowers, light pink almost white, give off an intense scent of fruit and tea.