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  • Color: Pink fuchsia

The Baie Des Anges ROMANTICA ® Radprov rose is a unique variety that leaves no one indifferent! What makes this rose unique is its profusion of beautiful, very double pink flowers, 9 cm in diameter, which are produced continuously from spring to frost. Its foliage is dark green and glossy.

The plant is very healthy with a compact habit, it will do wonders in gardens or on terraces, where its enchanting fragrance will awaken your senses. Its inflorescence consists of 1 to 7 flowers per stem. Its flowering takes place from spring to autumn.

This rose is perfect in association with perennials or annuals. This rose has a powerful fragrance with citrus aromas. The scent of this flower evokes the surroundings of the Promenade des Anglais.

This Radprov ROMANTICA ® Baie des Anges rose bush will bring a touch of romance to your flower beds or pots!

Matthias Meilland

Rosebush Rose De Rescht

Price €11.00

The rose "Rose de Rescht" is a charming old plant. The rose has petals of fushia pink color which mutates to magenta pink. Small roses form bouquets. This flowering is abundant and fragrant in spring, then at the end of summer if the plant is well fed and watered. It is really easy going, hardy, carefree and disease free, easy to slip into even a small garden. A variety within the reach of all gardeners, even beginners. This plant is vigorous and very floriferous.

A great classic from Meilland, the colour rose bengal very bright. Rose with bushy habit, is ideal in the solid. Early flowering and spectacular in its abundance and continuity, dark green foliage mat, dense, and very resistant. A delicate perfume rose may. About 25/30 petals.
Diameter flower 11 cm.
Exists in climbing

Rosa BONICA ® Meidomonac

Price €11.00

All the charm of the roses of the past, but on a rosier particularly flowering and resistance to be quite exceptional. Many small pink flowers Neyron long-term. High resistance to frost. Ideal for low hedges, berms, isolated groups, baskets of shrubs. Rosier honored by the prestigious A. D. R. German.
Width 80/120 cm. 2/m2

The rosebush is very good with its rounded flowers. Each rose is colored oriental rose with matte green foliage that stands out well in the landscape. The rose has a total of 80 petals and is 9 cm in diameter. The plant is robust with an erect habit. The rosebush has other qualities such as very strong vegetation with repeating and abundant flowering which occurs from May to frost. The fragrance is with notes of fruity rose, lychee and honey.

Use :

Massive, isolated, border and cut flowers

This shrub rose is very decorative! The magic of large fragrant roses transcends time and escapes no one. The roses are purple in color, the foliage is shiny dark green. This rose is large it measures 10 cm in diameter. The plant has a vigorous vegetation, it is very floriferous. Its flowering period goes back to May and June with the first frosts. The planting distance is 50 cm and 4 roses per m2. The flowers are very fragrant purple. This range of flowers requires minimum maintenance and is very practical.

Uses :

Beds, isolated, borders, embankments, low hedges and basins

The Crazy Pink rose is included in the Voluptia® range, these are landscape roses with elegant flowers! Its decorative effect is exceptional. The flowers are fuchsia red with glossy dark green foliage. Each flower measures 8 cm in diameter. This shrub adapts to all situations and loves to mix with other plant varieties. Its flowering period is from May and June to the first frosts. The planting distance is 50 cm and 4 roses per square meter. The intense fragrance is oriental.

Use :

clumps, isolated, borders, embankments, low hedges and basins

Issued from the famous VIOLETTE PARFUMEE ®, this variety has succeeded in transcending all the perfume of old rose. It is a beautiful fushia rose, very luminous thanks to its silvery petals. The flower is elongated with a diameter of 9/10 cm and 40 petals. The habit of the plant is upright, the foliage dark green. Flowering is very remontant.

Last born in the family of large-flowered roses of Edirose. "Parfum de Honfleur" comes to celebrate this small port of Normandy which continues to attract artists from all disciplines with its charm. The intensity of its purple oriental pink color and its powerful fragrance, sweetened with honey and anise, make it a superb variety ideal for beds and outdoor cut flowers. Its quartered flower has 100 petals for a diameter of 10 to 12 cm, its inflorescence is solitary. Its beautiful foliage is dull dark green. The rosebush has an erect habit, its vegetation is strong and its flowering repeats.

Use :

beds and outdoor cut flowers

Awards :

- Zinsch Lyon Prize 2011

- Lyon 2011 Perfume Cup

- Paris 2011 Childhood Prize

Rosebush XXL ® Korbilant

Price €13.00

This rose has a dark color with shades of lilac with green foliage which gives it an original side hence its name XXL. Its shape is turbinated and its 55 petals which form a total diameter of 15 cm will charm you. The plant is very vigorous as well as remontant. The rosebush also has an erect habit, its vegetation is powerful. Its abundant flowering is from May to the first frosts. The flower has a strong, fruity fragrance.

Use : beds and outdoor cut flowers

Awards :

Gold Medal Potsdam 2001

Perfume Prize Madrid 2001

This climbing produces large blooms (35 petals), elegantly turbines, the colour pink and the reverse side of money. Intense fragrance, fresh, fruity, with notes of rose classic. Climbing rose that is exceptionally strong with a foliage very dark green "leather" and glossy
Height 2.50 m /+

Beautiful climbing flowers semi-double red-fuchsia (diameter flower 4 to 5 cm). Foliage glossy dark green. Natural resistance to diseases. Flowering abundant and generous of June to the frosts. Very vigorous and rustic. Resistance to weathering and high temperatures.
Height approximately 2.50 m

The Guignol rose is a very beautiful rose with large flowers! The roses are an equally beautiful deep pink color pulling towards pastel. The foliage is shiny green. The flower has an elongated shape, it consists of 40 petals and is 10 cm in diameter. The plant is robust, it has an erect habit, and its vegetation turns out to be bushy. The rosebush also has an abundant and remontant flowering. Its scent is subtle, spicy honey and orange.

Use :

Outdoor beds and cut flowers