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  • Color: White - cream

Ultra floriferous, the CHAMPS ELYSEES ® Meiplumty rose is completely covered with bouquets of 3 to 10 wild roses, in successive waves very close together from May-June until frost. Pale pink in bud, its very simple roses with 5 petals open wide in luminous white barely pink.

Both compact and vigorous, the CHAMPS ELYSEES ® Meiplumty rose bush forms a charming bush with a dense, slightly spreading cushion habit that reaches 30 to 60 cm high and wide. Tolerant to pollution, it bears superb glossy dark green foliage with excellent disease resistance and persists well into the fall. Maintenance is limited to annual pruning in February-March, more or less severe depending on the desired effect.

Already crowned with several awards at competitions in very different climates, this rose shows its adaptability to both cool and warmer regions.

Certificate of Merit Le Roeulx (Belgium) 2013.

2 1st regional A.R.T.S. (American Rose Trials for Sustainability) Local Artist (USA) 2018.

Certificate of Merit Glasgow (UK) 2019.

True innovation! The flowering, a veritable firework of finely cut flowers, is enhanced by very healthy dark green foliage. Orange flowers with yellow and pink tints lighten as they bloom, so that the bush is constantly covered with flowers of different shapes and colors. Its fairly low habit makes it ideal for creating colorful beds all summer long, mixed with perennials and shrubs. 15 to 20 petals, flower diameter 5 cm

This variety is remarkable! Indeed, this rose bush is robust, which allows it to adapt to all situations: in the garden as well as on the terrace or balcony. This rose has its charm because its many petals are creamy white and intense, it is also for this reason that it becomes a romantic flower. The flowers are of inflorescence of 2 to 12 flowers per stem and cup-shaped.

The rose is beautiful, in addition it is very floriferous! This rose has won the prestigious Prize of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg at the Baden-Baden competition in Germany because its uninterrupted flowering from May to frost is very popular, which gives it real added value.

This variety goes particularly well with perennials and grasses to create enchanting flower pots or beds perfectly suited to the climate of the Côte d'Azur, where poetry is tinged with modernism.

Reward :

Competition : Prize of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Baden Baden (Germany)

It is a splendid shrubby variety of very high quality! The flowers are white in color with attractive light green foliage. Each rose has a total of 25 petals and measures 5cm in diameter. The rose has a cup shape, its number of petals is 25 and it measures 5 cm. This plant has a bushy habit, its vegetation is vigorous. This rose has repeat flowering and its inflorescence is in clusters of 4 to 5 flowers.

Use : beds, hedges and isolated

Awards :

- ADR Germany 1996

- Rumbeke Silver Medal 1996

- Baden-Baden Silver Medal

- The Hague 2001 pink top

- Gold Medal Barcelona 2007

The new Rosanatura® range is a new generation of roses with a more “wild” appearance to bring a more natural trend to urban gardens. This rose develops magnificent flowers of pure white, simple with very dense stems. Its foliage is glossy medium green. The plant has an irregular bushy habit, its vegetation is vigorous and very floriferous. Its flowering is remontant. The Rosanatura® range of roses offers a very trendy natural and bohemian style. Its subtle fragrance and its large floral stems attract attention.

The major qualities of this range is the natural resistance to disease and drought. It offers abundant flowering and minimum maintenance. Three varieties make up this range: Rosanatura Alba®, Rosanatura Rosea® and Rosanatura Bicolore®.

This rose is very pleasant and blends well into the landscape. The flowers are finely sculpted and the pearly pastel color goes perfectly with this rose. The foliage is medium green and glossy. Each rose is cup-shaped, has 60 petals and measures 10 cm in diameter. This plant has an erect and opulent port, its flowering is from spring until frost. Its inflorescence is 1 to 3 flowers per stem. Also, this rosebush is vigorous, it is very scented with anise.

Use :

For classic plantations of low hedges, borders and single-colour beds.

This superb rose, with a refined silhouette, has a white color finely tinged with light pink at the edge of the petals.

The flowers, elegantly turbinated, exhale an intense, sweet and bewitching fragrance.

The plant will offer you a very abundant and remontant flowering.

The "Jeanne Coeur" variety is dedicated to the France Répit foundation, it is a rosebush with large flowers! The roses are colored primrose yellow which evolves towards pure white. The foliage is shiny green. The flower is turbinate in shape, it consists of 50 petals and measures a diameter of 12 cm. The plant has an erect habit and its vegetation is strong. This rose blooms abundantly and repeats. Its flowers leave a perfume with lemony notes.

Use :

Beds, outdoor cut flowers

Word from the breeder :

"Variety of exceptional vigor. Captivating fragrance. Excellent pot life. A lot of charm for this variety which perfectly symbolizes the support that the eponymous association provides to patients or their caregivers who stay at the respite house of Lyon"

It is a very refined rosebush with exceptional roses! It is an irresistible rose with its champagne color and dense medium green foliage. The rose has a cup shape, it has a total of 40 petals and is 11 cm in diameter. The plant has vigorous growth and is very floriferous. The rosebush flowers from spring until the first frosts and its flowering proves to be repeat-flowering. The rose has a moderate scent with an anise note.

Use :

Beds and borders

The flowers are very beautiful and are meant to be in your various landscapes! The rosebush has a soft and feminine appearance. The roses are pearly white with glossy green foliage. The roses are turbined. Each rose has 80 petals and measures 12 cm in diameter. The plant has an erect habit, its vegetation is very strong and its abundant flowering is remontant. The inflorescence is solitary. The rosebush has an intense, sweet and fruity fragrance.

Awards :

Glasgow Perfume Prize 2007

Glasgow 2007 Certificate of Merit

Gold medal Great Britain 2007

Baden-Baden Perfume Prize 2011

Gold Medal Baden-Baden 2011

The immaculate whiteness of this rose evokes the vast snow-covered spaces of Russia, the native country of Irina Bondarenko. This rose is cupped in shape, its creamy white color with its shiny dark green foliage is of sublime beauty. The number of petals of this rose varies between 90 to 100 petals and its diameter is 12 cm. The plant has a bushy habit, its vegetation is strong and regular and its flowering repeats. The inflorescence is solitary or in a cluster of 2 to 3 flowers. The rosebush is lightly scented with citrus and lemon aromas.

Use :

beds and outdoor cut flowers

The "Annapurna" rose is a flower with 40 pure white petals with dark green foliage. The diameter of the flower varies from 10 cm to 12 cm. It is in double and turbinate form, its powerful perfume with notes of violet is appreciated. Its flowering is remontant. This rosebush, exceptional both for its sparkling colour, its robustness and its powerful perfume, has been rewarded several times. 

The Pierre Arditi rosebush is quite simply the best white rosebush! This rose has a traditional shape with large, pure white flowers, its dense foliage is glossy dark green. This rose has 95 petals, 14 cm in diameter it is decorative. The plant has a bushy habit and it flowers from spring until frost. The plant is robust which allows it to resist frost well. This flower has a powerful scent of white peach skin, williams pear and dewy freshness.

Uses: isolated, walls, fences and bouquets

2007 :

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Gold Medal Grandes Fleurs, Mention des Arts and Mention des Jeunes

2008 :

St Albans, United Kingdom: Special Prize Large Flowers and Certificate

Rome, Italy : Gold Medal and Perfume Prize

Le Roeulx, Belgium: Gold Medal and Perfume Prize

2010 :

Nantes, France: Price of Perfume

Rosebush Elina ® Dicjana

Price €13.00

This rose is exceptional! It is a large and beautiful flower of cream or yellowish white color while its foliage is light green. Each rose has 33 petals and measures 11 cm in diameter. It forms an oblong and globular button at the opening. It is a very floriferous plant in two times. Its vegetation is vigorous, dense and erect.

Reward :

Certificate of Merit RNRS (Royal National Rose Society)

The PALAIS ROYAL ® Meiviowit climbing rose has all the characteristics of the PIERRE DE RONSARD ® Meiviolin climbing rose, of which it is a natural color mutation. It is adorned with many beautiful old-fashioned roses 11 to 13 cm in diameter. The 80 to 100 petals that make up these sumptuous roses are squeezed into swirling quarters like the most beautiful old roses. Generally grouped by 2 to 5 flowers, the roses spread the same light fruity fragrance. The color remains the only difference: the petals are milky white enhanced by slight ocher to pink reflections around their edges. These ocher or pinkish nuances are clearly visible in cool and humid periods.

The flowering of the PALAIS ROYAL ® Meiviowit climbing rose is very repeat-flowering for a climbing rose. The waves of flowers follow one another at a regular rhythm from May-June until frost and one can count 4 to 5 blooms throughout the season.

Endowed with dense, vigorous and balanced vegetation, the PALAIS ROYAL ® Meiviowit climbing rose can easily reach 2 to 3 meters in height and cover an area of 8 to 12 m². The branches, both flexible and robust, are dressed in elegant glossy green foliage, an ideal backdrop to highlight the delicate complexion of the roses. The plant has very good disease resistance. Flowering will be more abundant if you take care to trellis its branches obliquely or horizontally.

The PALAIS ROYAL ® Meiviowit climbing rose is perfect for decorating a wall or a medium-sized trellis against which it can deploy its branches. It also gracefully adorns a column or an arch by wrapping its flexible branches around the structure.

The PALAIS ROYAL ® Meiviowit climbing rose can also be planted without support to grow it as a large shrub 1.50 m tall in all directions, which will be at ease in beds or hedges.


1st Climbing Prize and Best of The Best La Tacita 2010.

Rosa ICEBERG CLG Climbing

Price €15.00

With its beautiful roses in pure white, double, in clusters, which are resistant to rain, this rose has great decorative qualities, it is beautiful trellised on a wall of dark bricks, for example. But he will dress as a grid of a fence or a pergola. In addition, it is quite disease resistant, very winding and provides excellent cut flowers.
Height 3 m

A white sport of "Mary Rose", with an occasional hint of pink. It produces a mass of fragrant, medium-sized, loosely petalled rosettes and continues to bloom at regular intervals throughout the summer. It is a well-formed shrub, with branching, bushy growth and attractive foliage. It owes its name to one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Great Britain. David Austin, 1984.


Price €16.00

This vigorous and upright rosebush makes a very good climber, both in terms of its beauty and its performance. It bears pleasing, cup-shaped, pale lemon-colored buds that gradually open into large, creamy-white flowers, the outer petals of which are neatly arranged in concentric circles.

They have a strong scent of myrrh with hints of meadowsweet, vanilla and heliotrope. The growth is strong and particularly healthy, and it is dressed in pretty dull green foliage.

Just like the famous pirate of the same name, a fictional character from Robert Louis Stevenson's novel "Treasure Island", the Long John Silver GPT rose is vigorous and will storm the arches, palisades and walls in front of which you place it.

On a solid framework of strong and rigid wooden branches, its fearsome spines jealously watch over the precious treasure, its large roses of a very pure and luminous white which stand out against a tough foliage.

In a bouquet, its flowers will shine like the jewels of the treasure.

Rosebush Alberic Barbier

Price €17.00

It is a creeper rose that has creamy white flowers with dark, glossy green foliage. The diameter of the flower is 7 cm. The plant has repeat flowering at the beginning of summer followed by a second flowering. The rose bush has a double inflorescence and in small clusters. This plant also has a vigorous and ample vegetation that persists over time.

Use :

to plant at the foot of a tree, on a fence or to cover a huge embankment.

Rose OPALIA ® Noa140702

Price €17.00

Height 2.50 m/+. Flowers semi-double fragrant pure white to 6 cm in diameter. Foliage original, shiny green, persistent in mild winters. Abundant bloom from may to frost. Decorative effect permanent. Very vigorous and rustic. Economic, low maintenance, optional size and easy. Ideal for decorating and covering walls, arbors and pergolas, fences, old trees. 3 € donated to UNICEF by rosier bought