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The Mme A.Meilland rose is the most famous and cultivated in the world. This rose is also called "Peace". It is a shrub rose with large flowers. The roses are colored yellow and dotted with pink. The foliage is colored green and it is shiny. The flower has a diameter of 15 cm. It is a very floriferous rosebush and its vegetation proves to be vigorous.

Reward :

- Obtaining the AARS (All America Rose Selection)

- the most prestigious award in the USA: "Favorite Rose of the Entire World".

This rosebush is very original. The rose is brown in color with streaks of yellow and orange. Its foliage is shiny brownish green. This flower has a double shape, it is composed of 35 petals and measures 8 cm. The plant has an erect habit, its vegetation is very strong and dense. Its flowering turns out to be abundant and remontant. The plant has an inflorescence of 3-5 flowers. The Poseidon rose stands out as one of the essential landscape references for landscaping your garden. The plant diffuses a light fragrance.

Use :

In isolation, in groups of 2 or 3, hedge

Reward :

Gold Medal, Barcelona

It is a beautiful shrub which is very decorative. The petals are vermilion red slightly streaked with yellow. The foliage is dark green in color. Each rose is flat in shape and has a total of 22 petals. This flower measures a diameter of 7 cm. The plant has an erect habit, and its vegetation turns out to be bushy and strong. Its flowering is remontant. Its inflorescence is in a cluster of 6 to 9 flowers. The scent of this shrub is rosy and light.

Use : beds, isolated, hedges, embankments and large spaces

It is a rose that stands out well with its white color with red borders which gives it a unique beauty. It's a nice color effect. Its foliage is very dense, medium green and matte. This rose also has a cup shape, its number of petals amounts to 35 on average and its diameter is 10 cm. This plant has a bushy habit, its vegetation is very strong and its flowering very abundant and uninterrupted. Its inflorescence is 2 to 5 flowers per stem. This rose and fragrance free.

Reward :

- Saverne 2000 certificate

- Silver Medal & Rose of Madrid Spain) 2000

- Gold Medal Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2000

- Baden-Baden Casino Prize (Germany) 2000

- Bronze Medal Genoa (Italy) 2001

- Orleans certificate 2002

- AARS (All American Rose Selection, USA) 2003

- 1st Floribunda Prize, Gold Medal and Best Rose in the Australia 2004 competition

- Rose Hill Gold Medal (USA) 2006

Rosebush Gipsy ® Kiboh

Price €11.00

This rose is magnificent with its two-tone effect! Its large flowers are sensual with their light petals subtly combining their tender lemon yellow with a vigorous strawberry red. The foliage is glossy dark green. This rose has a turbinate shape, it is made up of 45 petals and measures a diameter of 9 cm. Its inflorescence is in clusters of 3 to 5 flowers. Its vegetation is regular and homogeneous.

Reward :

- Silver Medal Saverne 1985

- Gold Medal The Hague (Netherlands) 1985

- Monza Gold Medal (Italy) 1985

This rose bush amazes thanks to its sunny yellow color hemmed with carmine and its varnished medium green foliage makes it a splendid rose! This rose has a turbinate shape and is made up of 45 petals and 16 cm in diameter. This plant is robust, vigorous and very floriferous with a very long hold. Its vegetation is strong and its inflorescence is done in clusters, the effect is in any case dazzling. The flower is slightly fragrant.

Reward :

- 2007 Orléans, France : Rose de Cristal (Audience Award)

- 2007 Orléans, France : Certificate of Merit

- 2006 Lyon, FR : Certificate 

- 2005 Lyon, France : Great Roses of the Century - HT

Two-tone ROSANATURA® explodes under its flower spikes and embellishes the garden with its sweet fragrance.

The small fuchsia pink buds develop into stunning two-tone flowers. The dark green foliage contrasts with the glossy flowers.

ROSANATURA® bicolor blooms profusely from June to September and requires very little maintenance. This type of wild, melliferous rose goes wonderfully with other flowers in the garden and creates a “bohemian” atmosphere with its poetic scent. Its flowering is remontant, very floriferous and vigorous.

This original rose bush will bring a new “urban nature” trend: respectful of the environment and concerned with offering city dwellers natural spaces ranging from sophisticated gardens to wild-looking spaces.

This large-flowered shrub rose is very beautiful. It opens slowly and reveals a very large majestic flower of a very delicate and elegant color. The heart of the flower is soft pink and extends outward in pale pink and white. Its foliage is dark green. The rose has a total of between 80 to 90 petals and measures a diameter of 13 to 14 cm. This plant has strong, regular growth and an upright, compact habit. Its flowering is ascending and is from May to frost. Its fragrance is fruity and intense.

Reward :

2018 Baden-Baden, DE: Baden-Baden Casino Honor Award


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New variety with a bright colour, creamy white sometimes speckled or bordered with intense pink. the turbinate flowers, produced from spring until autumn, exhale a pleasant spicy fragrance, with notes of verbena. The plant, vigorous and balanced, is also exceptionally resistant to diseases. 40 to 45 petals, flower diameter 11 cm

What elegance and what fragrance for this robust new rosebush! The well turbinated button composed of white petals edged with carmine pink has a golden reverse. The foliage is glossy dark green. This rose, 14 cm in diameter and 30 petals, exhales a very intense fragrance. The early flowering continues uninterrupted until the first frosts.

Awards :

2015 SNHF (National Horticultural Society of France) Grand Prix de la Rose, FR: Grand Prix SNFH - All Categories

2014 Baden-Baden, DE: Baden-Baden Casino Honor Award

2014 Avignon (Alterarosa), FR: 3rd Alterarosa Prize (Audience Prize)

2014 Baden-Baden, DE: Bronze Medal

2013 Bagatelle, FR: Public Prize for Perfume

2013 Le Roeulx, BE: Public Prize for Perfume

2013 Lyon, FR: 3rd Prize - Bronze Medal

2012 Nantes, FR: International Grand Prize for Perfume

This shrub rose will go wonderfully in your landscapes! Its button, very elegant, often uniflorous, opens delicately and turns into a superb large flower. The rose is colored yellow and red. Its foliage is medium, dark green and glossy. This flower has a globular shape, its number of petals is 45 and its diameter is 14 cm. The plant has a bushy habit with strong and regular vegetation. This rose blooms again abundantly until frost.

Use :

Cut flowers, containers, pots and beds. To be planted alone or in clumps for cut flowers.

This rose is beautiful as an aurora borealis. Each rose is creamy white edged with carmine with glossy green foliage. Each of the flowers has a total of 60 petals and measures 12 cm in diameter. The flower has a turbinate shape. This plant has an upright habit, vigorous growth and abundant, repeat flowering from May to frost. The roses are lightly perfumed with notes of wild rose and spices.

Use :

Outdoor beds and cut flowers

It is a rose created by Monsieur Barth in 2014 !

A beautiful tribute to this great jazz guitarist, this rose baptized in July 2014 in Lochwiller is a surprising variety! The flower is colored deep and velvety cherry red in bud, it becomes two-tone inside light creamy yellow when it opens. Its foliage is shiny green. The flower has a total of 35 petals. Flowering is soliflore by 2 or 3 flowers, it is also very remontant with a superb floridity from May to frost. Each bouquet has a very good vase life.

Delicately scented

It is a globular and very generous rose! Each rose is made up of 40 petals and measures 9 to 10 cm in diameter. This flower is done in shades of white and cherry red color and sits on bright green foliage and is perfect in a bouquet. The plant has an erect habit, its vegetation is regular. It blooms from May to frost. Its stem is solitary or in clusters of 1 to 2 flowers. This rose is very pleasantly and lightly scented with citrus and raspberry.

Use :

Outdoor beds, flowerbeds and cut flowers

Awards :

1st Rumbeke Prize 1998

Den-Haag 2000 pink top

Gold Medal Glasgow 2002

Warszaw Diploma 2006 & 2009

Lottum Public Awards 2011

A prestigious rose dedicated to the most “glamorous” of actresses. The roses are colored red and white and the ample foliage is dull green. Each rose is made up of 52 petals and measures 14 cm in diameter. The flowers have a traditional shape, they are composed of 52 petals and measure 14 cm. The plant has a bushy habit and it flowers from spring until frost. The scent of this flower is very original and intense, it is made of spicy and aniseed aromas.

Uses :

isolated, walls, fences and bouquets

Awards :

2010 :

Buenos Aires, Argentina : Gold Medal

The most Rock'n Roll of Meilland roses! Eddy Mitchell wanted a black rose as a reminder of his "Black Socks" period. The flowers are of a very original color with almost black velvety red petals and golden yellow underside. The foliage is dense and dark green. The plant has a bushy habit, its flowering is continuous from spring until frost. It also has a strong vegetation. Each rose has a total of 27 petals and measures 10 cm in diameter. The rose has an inflorescence which is made from 2 to 5 flowers.

Uses : isolated, walls, fences and bouquets

A rosebush as magnificent as the muse of fashion to whom it is dedicated. The rose has a perfect, classically shaped bud that highlights the natural elegance. The rose is two-tone cream edged with pink. The foliage is colored green, semi-matt and dense. This flower has a total of 28 petals and measures 11 cm in diameter. The plant has a bushy habit and it flowers from spring until frost. The rose has a fragrance with notes of white flowers, tea and green notes. This rose has just been awarded its sixth award: it is exceptional and the sign that a very big star has been born in the rose world.

Uses : isolated, walls, fences and bouquets

Awards :

2009 :

Monza, Italy: Silver Medal

Le Roeulx, Belgium: Silver Medal

Geneva, Switzerland: Certificate

Baden Baden, Germany: Silver Medal, Aesthetics Award and Bronze Medal for Plant Breeders

2010 :

St Albans, Italy : Gold Medal

Lyon, France : Most Beautiful Rose of France

The colours yellow edged rose bengal, a fruity rose tea, the contrast of the flowers on the dark green foliage is used to decorate a plant very healthy and to the vegetation regularly. Got the AARS (All America Rose Selection), reward the most prestigious in the USA. Golden Rose of the public in Baden-Baden. Approximately 50 petals. Good holding in mud. Diameter of flower is 14 cm.

This large-flowered shrub rose has 30 to 40 elongated petals. Its diameter is 11.5 cm. The rose has a two-tone white shaded with gold hemmed with a bright carmine red: an exceptional contrast! In addition, its foliage is dark pruinose at the start, becoming glossy dark green as it ages. Its inflorescence is often uniflorous.

Certified : Label Rouge


2006 Avignon (Alterarosa), FR: 1st Prize Alterarosa (Audience Prize)

2006 Lyon, FR: Great Roses of the Century - Fl.

2006 Lyon, FR: Certificate of Merit - Fl

2005 Madrid, ES: Rose of the Year 2005

2005 Madrid, ES: Gold Medal of the City of Madrid

2006 Orléans, FR: Rose de Cristal (Audience Award)

2005 Roma, IT: Silver Medal

2005 Roma, IT: Children's Favorite

It is a beautiful, perfect rosebush, voluminous and above all very velvety. This rose in the shape of a turbinate and flared button. It has a total of 30 petals for a diameter of 12 cm to 14 cm. The flower is two-tone: its creamy yellow color is in the center and the crimson red on the ends of the flower which makes it original. Its foliage is glossy medium green. It is a very fragrant plant, its vegetation is bushy and its inflorescence is uniflorous.

This rose is beautiful! As you can see in the images, its two-tone color is cream in the center and a beautiful red on the ends. Its foliage is green and shiny. This flower will charm you with its petals which are 35 to 45 petals. The diameter of this rose is 12 cm to 13 cm. The fragrance released by this plant is powerful with spicy notes. This rosebush is very vigorous as well as floriferous.

Its button tight of a cherry-red, variegated yellow opens delicately to reveal a flower with the red petals cardinal dominant irregularly streaked yellow. Sweet fragrance and powerful, reminiscent of red fruits. Very prolific flowering, foliage dark crimson changing to a dark green glazed. 40/45 petals.

It is a magnificent climbing rose with small double white flowers that will enchant your garden. These flowers are white in color with a pink heart, all pearly and accompanied by semi-matt green foliage. Each flower has 25 petals and measures a diameter of 7 cm. It is a plant with a climbing port and very floriferous (several times in the season), its inflorescence ranges from 2 to 5 flowers. Flowering occurs from spring until frost.

Use :

Insulated, walls and fences, balconies and terraces

Awards :

2011: Baden-Baden, Germany : Bronze Medal

2012: La Tacita, Italy : Best climber

This rose is original with its striped cocoa and cream color. Its foliage is dark green, shiny and decorative. The rose is cup-shaped, it is made of 37 petals and measures a diameter of 9 cm. The plant has an average vegetation, a climbing habit and its flowering turns out to be bimodal. Its inflorescence consists of 2 to 5 flowers per stem. The flower has a light fragrance.

It is a rose that is very beautiful! The petals are very original carmine red and yellow and illuminate the landscape. Its foliage is shiny dark green. The rose has a cup shape, 30 petals and a diameter of 12 cm. This plant has a climbing and erect port, its flowering is ascending. The inflorescence is solitary or in a cluster of 1 to 2 flowers.

Use : facades, pylons, barriers and pergolas