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  • Color: dark red

Black Perfumella ® Meizhoro, an enchantment for all rose lovers.

From May to frost, many dark red flowers with purplish, almost black reflections give off their intoxicating scent of red fruits.

Their good vase life makes them ideal for making fragrant bouquets all season long.

This superb variety with large, powerfully scented red flowers takes us into the world of wine; The Hameau Duboeuf is indeed an exceptional educational
site for anyone interested in the history of wine and in particular that of the Beaujolais terroir. The roses are nicely turbinated and carried by a solid
and floriferous plant. 50 petals, flower diameter 7/8 cm

This rose has a rare elegance, mixed with simplicity and classicism. In summer, it offers an abundance of flowers on a vigorous and solid rosebush. The flower is colored dark red and its foliage is shiny green. Each rose has a turbinate shape, it is made up of 120 petals and measures 9 cm in diameter. The plant has a bushy habit. Its flowering is abundant and regular as well as rising from May to frost. The inflorescence is in a cluster of 1 to 3 flowers. Without perfume.

Use :

beds and outdoor cut flowers

Its scent is powerful and rich colours velvet purple iridescent crimson with glints of blue-black berries make it a rosier exception. Plant of good vigour, covered with an ample foliage.
The rose Papa Meilland ® has been elected "a Pink Favorite around the World" in 1998.Flower turbines of 30 to 35 petals. Diameter of flower is 14 cm.

We can find in this flower the joys of nature: this rose is very dark velvety red. The reflections depending on the lighting make it a black rose. Its foliage is colored dark green. Each of the flowers has a classic shape. The rose has 40 petals and its diameter is 11 cm. The plant has a bushy habit and it flowers in spring and autumn. Depending on the lighting, the reflections of this rose can give the illusion of a black rose. Its inflorescence is 3 to 5 flowers per stem.

Uses : Isolated, walls, fences and bouquets

Hybrid tea very fragrant flowers form elongated (26/28 petals) of a beautiful dark red and velvety, supported by a rosier robust and flowering. Its foliage of a red pruiné becomes dark green and reminds us of the leather. Flowering from may to frost.
Exists in climbing

It is a variety of character very different from the general series of English Roses, being rather nearer to Species Roses than to Old Roses, and more natural and shrubby in its growth. A striking crimson red, the individual flowers can be described as shallow cupped, opening in informal rosettes; the petals reflect quickly as the flowers age. They are held by medium-sized heads; the individual flowers nod prettily on the stem. They have an Old Rose scent with a strong lemon zest character. It forms a strong and rather informal shrub. Named after Canterbury Cathedral.


When young, the outer petals of each flower form a perfect ring around an inner cup, gradually opening to form a perfect medium to large sized rosette. The color is a deep, rich crimson pink, taking on a mauve hue just before the petals fall.

The scent is light to medium fruity. It forms a compact shrub with a nice bushy growth. It bears the name of the very famous ballerina.