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  • Color: malva

It is a very beautiful original rosebush. Indeed, the flower is also very attractive by its romantic openness and its deep mauve color. Its foliage is large, medium green and glossy. Each flower is globular in shape, has 55 petals and measures 14 cm in diameter. This rose has a long hold. The plant has an erect and compact habit. The plant has a regular vegetation, its flowering dates from May to frost. The flowers leave a sustained fragrance of pleasant freshness with fruity touches, with notes of grapefruit and lemon dominating.

Use :

clumps, flowerbeds and bouquets

Awards :

2017 BADEN-BADEN, DE: Baden-Baden Casino Honor Award

2017 ROMA, IT: Audience Award

It is a splendid rosebush! The flowers are a beautiful mauve color with dense, light green, matte foliage. Each rose is of traditional shape, it has a total of 38 petals and measures 12 cm in diameter. This plant has a bushy habit, its inflorescence is solitary and its flowering from spring until frost. The whole will be combined with an intense and penetrating pink lemon verbena fragrance.

Uses :

isolated, walls, fences and bouquets

Awards :

1974 :

Monza, Italy: Perfume Cup, Crown of Queen Theodolinda and Certificate

Rome, Italy: Certificate

Madrid, Spain: Perfume Prize

Geneva, Switzerland: Certificate

1978 :

Belfast, Northern Ireland: Perfume Cup

Rose SISSI ® Tannacht

Price €13.00

Its 2 strengths of charm : its large flowers of a color that is very special-pink-lilac-light mauve, and its powerful fragrance that will intoxicate you ! Very beautiful foliage. 35 petals.
Exists in climbing

Rose BLUE GIRL ® Sautari

Price €13.00

Superb variety of flowers with the texture of silk, producing a fruity aroma. This rose will delight you with its flowers (40 petals) that will open in a cup shape and perfect in the colours unique and rare : purple supported ! Rosier very pushing to flowering continuous.