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SALTO ® Tan106008

Price €11.00

This very floriferous rose, with its orange-apricot flowers that hold up well to the sun, offers a bright display all summer long. Its disease resistance is excellent. 15 to 20 petals, flower diameter 6 to 8 cm

This new variety, dedicated to the most famous chef of his time, the first cook to receive the Legion of Honor, is truly exceptional. This rose has cup-shaped flowers and its flowers are apricot in color. Its foliage is green and half-matt. Each rose has a total of 35 petals and measures 8 cm in diameter. The plant has a bushy, semi-erect habit and flowers from spring to frost. The rose bush has an inflorescence of 1 to 3 flowers per stem. The abundance of flowers, which give off a light almond scent until late in the fall, is reminiscent of Auguste Escoffier's most famous creation : peach melba.

Use :

beds, borders in the garden or in a large pot to decorate the terrace and the balcony

La rosa "Rêve De Paris" incanterà giardini e spazi verdi con la sua fioritura precoce e continua. Le rose sono colorate di giallo che evolve verso il rosa e la madreperla durante il loro sviluppo. Il suo fogliame è verde medio opaco. Ogni rosa ha una forma a coppa e il diametro del fiore è di 6 cm. La sua infiorescenza è in grappoli da 6 a 15 fiori per stelo. Questa rosa ha portamento tappezzante e vegetazione compatta e regolare. La pianta ha un leggero profumo pepato, una piacevole sorpresa che aggiunge ulteriore fascino a questa varietà eccezionale.

Awards :

Floribunda Gold Medal and Most Outstanding Rose Award Barcelona (Spain) 2010

Silver Medal Monza (Italy) 2010

Gold Medal Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2010

Silver Medal Adelaide (Australia) 2014

This rose bush amazes thanks to its sunny yellow color hemmed with carmine and its varnished medium green foliage makes it a splendid rose! This rose has a turbinate shape and is made up of 45 petals and 16 cm in diameter. This plant is robust, vigorous and very floriferous with a very long hold. Its vegetation is strong and its inflorescence is done in clusters, the effect is in any case dazzling. The flower is slightly fragrant.

Reward :

- 2007 Orléans, France : Rose de Cristal (Audience Award)

- 2007 Orléans, France : Certificate of Merit

- 2006 Lyon, FR : Certificate 

- 2005 Lyon, France : Great Roses of the Century - HT

It is a very beautiful rose of coral orange color with a flower center that bleaches in the sun and glossy dark green foliage. The rose is 6 cm in diameter, it is a shrub rose with a covering habit. Its foliage is evergreen in mild winter. For its flowering it will be an exceptional and repeat flowering from May to the first frosts.

Rose SHERAZADE ® Lajabo

Price €13.00

This rose carries in it the oriental elegance and the mystery
of the tales of the Arabian Nights. Its many delicate flowers
burst on a vigorous bush with dense foliage. Its light fragrance,
its salmon-cut orange rose has 50 petals.


This rose is splendid with its large two-tone flowers, elegant and well turbinate. The roses are yellow hemmed with a bright orange-red. Its foliage is intensely dark green and glossy. Each rose is made up of 40 petals and measures 12 cm in diameter. The plant has an upright and compact habit, its vegetation is strong and regular. Flowering is ascending and continues from May to the first frosts. Perfumers have described this fragrance as powerful, floral and rosy with a fruity note reminiscent of lychee, peach, apricot, mango, passion fruit, crowned by a fresh note of citrus and bergamot lemon. In three words: floral, fruity and citrus.

Use :

in the background, in clumps and in flowerbeds

This rosebush with an elegant, regular and very stocky habit is ideally suited for the flowering pot.

Awards :

2016 Avignon (Alterarosa), FR: 1st prize Alterarosa (Audience Prize)

2015 Nantes, FR: International Grand Prize for Perfume

2014 Lyon, FR: 3rd Prize - HT

This Rose with large flowers of sweet fragrance is a beautiful colour orange indian-bordered red pepper. The buttons are well-crafted open flowers will of 10 to 12 cm in diameter, composed of 30 to 40 petals. Foliage bronze green, dark, bright. Flowering remontant from may until freeze-up.

The Michel Desjoyeaux rose is a large flower 14 cm in diameter. This one is two-tone and consists of 35 orange-yellow petals hemmed with a brighter orange highlighted by a contrasting golden yellow reverse. Its foliage is large, very dark green and glossy. This flower is turbinate in shape, it has a very present fragrance reminiscent of red fruits. The stems are often uniflorous.


2012 Lyon, FR: 3rd Prize - Bronze Medal

2010 Bagatelle, FR: Certificate of Merit

2010 Bagatelle, FR: Audience Award

You will dream of having this magnificent rosebush in your garden! He is magnificent ! Indeed, its peach color enhanced with coral and dark green foliage stands out well in the landscape. The flowers consist of 30 to 35 petals and 12 to 13 cm in diameter. The flower is turbinate in shape with slightly upturned petals which gives it a beautiful air. The plant has a bushy habit, its vegetation is strong and regular and its flowering abundant. Its inflorescence is solitary or in clusters of 1 to 2 flowers. The flowers give off a pleasant scent of yellow fruits when they open.


Awards :

Gold Medal The Hague

Le Roeulx Gold Medal

Belfast Gold Medal

Silver Medal Genes-Monza


This rose evokes distant islands where color and warmth reign. The rose has a turbinate shape, its color is coppery orange, slightly amber. Its foliage is dark green. The flower consists of 30 to 35 petals and its diameter is between 12 cm to 14 cm. The plant has a bushy habit, its vegetation is regular and its abundant flowering dates from May to frost. The rose bush has a fruity fragrance.

Use : flowerbeds, flowerbeds and outdoor cut flowers

SUMMER SONG ® Austango

Price €16.00

Vibrant flowers of an unusual red-orange color. They open in full cups, medium to large in size, with many inner petals arranged quite informally in a perfect ring of outer petals. They give off a pleasant mixed fragrance with notes of chrysanthemum leaves, ripe bananas and tea. It forms a bushy, upright shrub.

Rich orange-red buds open to calyx-shaped flowers filled with freely arranged orange petals. The surrounding outer petals are salmon pink with beautifully contrasting golden yellow undersides. There is a pleasant, warm tea scent, with hints of spiced apple and cloves. It quickly forms a bushy shrub with slightly arching stems and mid-green leaves, which have attractive, slightly bronze tones when young. The name is taken from one of Alfred's poems, Lord Tennyson to commemorate the 200th anniversary of his birth.

Es una rosa arbustiva con flores grandes en forma de copa. Estas hermosas flores son muy especiales con su forma de ser, se imponen muy bien en el paisaje. El capullo grande y ancho recuerda a las rosas viejas. Además, las rosas son de un hermoso y moderno color rosa salmón. Cada flor tiene una composición entre 100 y 130 pétalos y mide 15 cm de diámetro. El follaje es grande, verde y ligeramente glaseado. Los tallos no son espinosos. La planta tiene porte erecto, su vegetación es vigorosa y su floración data de mayo a las heladas. El rosal está hecho de aromas de rosas clásicos.

Usar :

Solitarios o macizos, recipientes y macetas. La rosa se presta para hacer ramos que aguantan bien.

La rosa se presta para hacer magníficos ramos que aguantan bien.

Premios :

2013 Lyon, FR: La rosa más bella de Francia (Premio Maurice Carron)

2013 Lyon, FR: 1er premio - Medalla de oro

2013 Lyon, Francia: Copa del Perfume

It is a very beautiful rose chosen by this great artist! The rose has a beautiful orange color with dense glossy green foliage. The flower has a traditional shape, it has 20 petals and measures 14 cm. The plant is vigorous and flowers generously throughout the summer. It blooms from spring until frost. The plant has a bushy habit and it flowers from spring until frost. The rose bush is lightly scented.

Uses : isolated, walls, fences and bouquets


1983 :

Monza, Italy : Gold Medal and Rose of the Year

Geneva, Switzerland : Gold Medal and City of Geneva Award

Madrid, Spain : Bronze Medal

Saverne, France : Certificate