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Obtained by the rosiériste Tantau in 1957, the rose 'Prima Ballerina' is a rose bush is vigorous and resistant to diseases.
Its flower buds are large and elegant. Flowers semi-double, 20 petals of pink cherry is very tasty.

Rosier Xyma ® Tan 11659

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It is a very pretty rosebush with delicious clusters of pink flowers! Its foliage is shiny dark green. The flowers are flat in shape, they are composed of 12 petals and measure 4 cm in diameter. The plant has a supple drooping habit, its vegetation is vigorous. Its flowering is abundant and remontant. The inflorescence of the plant is in clusters of 10 to 15 flowers. The flowers have a fragrance with a rosehip note.

Red Label

Use :

Massif, isolated, embankments and wide open spaces

Rosebush Marie Pavie

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The Rose "Marie Pavie" is one of the best old polyantha roses.

It is a dense and ever-flowering rosebush. In favorable conditions it can become a beautiful bush offering delicate bouquets of charming little double flowers. Its flowers of 25 petals and in groups open out of a very pale carmine pink color and then become creamy-white.

Its flowers give off a delicious, subtle scent of anise, which hovers above impeccable, disease-free foliage. With its rounded habit and its tender flowering, it is easy to associate, at ease in all gardens. It is also a small, hardy shrub that is easy to grow in the sun, in ordinary soil. 

This magnificent rosebush is colored with a pretty candy pink, all to create a romantic atmosphere. It is a very floriferous and very remontant variety whose flowers are turbinate. It's a fragrant flower ! 

This small ground cover will delight you with its shape of double "old-fashioned" flowers and its innumerable 50 petals. Its color is a fresh light pink. This rose is very resistant to cold and rain. This plant has an arched port, its vegetation is vigorous and very floriferous. The rose also has a height of 60 cm and its width is 40 cm. Do not hesitate to plant this rose per 4/m².

The new Rosanatura® range is a new generation of roses with a more "wild" appearance to bring a more natural trend to urban gardens. The rose offers abundant flowering and minimum maintenance, the Rosanatura range of roses offers a very trendy natural and bohemian style. Its large floral stems attract attention. This plant has a bushy, robust and rustic habit. The long flowering is continuous. Its fragrance is subtle and with sweet notes. Three varieties make up this range : Rosanatura Alba®, Rosanatura Rosea® and Rosanatura Bicolore®.

Use : suitable for beds, planters or large pots

This rose bush with large flowers in shades of peach color and large, slightly glazed green foliage blends very nicely into the landscape. This rose has a turbinate shape, it is composed of 50 to 60 petals and a diameter of 12 to 13 cm. The scent of this rose is intense and fruity. The plant has a strong and regular vegetation and its habit turns out to be erect and compact, its height is 70-80 cm. Its inflorescence is often uniflorous. Its flowering is from May to frost. 

Use :

For beds or low borders

It is a superb variety with flowers and a pleasing texture. This rose with its unique and rare colors: from antique rose to ocher reverse with large, green foliage is slightly glazed is very special. This rose bush will enchant you with its flowers of 45 to 50 petals which will bloom in a perfectly shaped cup. The diameter of the rose is 12 cm. It is a plant with regular vegetation, with an upright and compact habit. It blooms from May to frost.

It is a very beautiful rosebush with large flowers! The flowers are in the colors of light pink with salmon reflections which gives a beautiful effect. Its foliage is dull green. This flower has a turbinate shape then it will change to have a quarter shape when it blooms. Each rose has 35 petals and measures 12cm in diameter. The plant has an erect habit and its vegetation is compact. Its flowering is abundant and remontant. Its inflorescence is made of 1 to 3 flowers. The rose has a subtle and light fragrance.

Use :

Massive, outdoor cut flowers and suitable for growing in containers

This rose is described by its breeder as a "unique and subtly scented rose". It is a rose "Made in Alsace" and it was baptized in October 2017 in Mulhouse! The rose is colored in several colors such as pink, ecru and yellow peach. It will be more ecru in summer and more dewy in autumn. Also, it is a generous flower with a total of 70 petals. The flower has a subtle and delicate fragrance reminiscent of the English rose. This rose bush is also described by its designer as "precocious, remontant and generous in bloom". Its flowering is vigorous.

This rose is gorgeous! It is dedicated to the Chic and Art Deco Palace Belles Rives. The flowers are cherry pink with glossy dark green foliage making this a glamorous rose. The roses are of a traditional shape. Each rose is made up of 35 petals and measures 12 cm in diameter. The plant has an erect habit and its vegetation is vigorous. Its flowering is renewed from spring until frost. The fragrance is powerful rosé and fruity.

Use :

Isolated, clumps and clumps

This rose is very pretty, very feminine and it combines charm and grace through its shapes and color. The flower is colored pastel pink and its foliage is shiny green. The rose is turbinate in shape, it has a total of 100 petals and measures a diameter of 12 cm. The plant has a bushy habit, strong and vigorous vegetation. Its flowering is abundant and remontant.

Use :
Beds, outdoor cut flowers and flowerbeds

Reward :
- Gold Medal Glasgow 2009

This solitary rose is very beautiful with its slightly ocher complexion. The shape of the flower is quartered and this one is also distinguished by its light pastel pink colors. Its foliage is dense, dark green and shiny. The diameter of the rose is 11 cm and it consists of 68 petals. Its vegetation is bushy and regular. Its fragrance : sweet, May rose and delicate.

Use :

massive, isolated, borders and cut flowers

Awards :

2011 :

Geneva, Switzerland: Gold Medal Grandes Fleurs & City of Geneva Prize & Perfume Prize

Le Roeulx, Belgium: Silver Medal and Perfume Prize

Saverne, France: Perfume Prize

2015 :

La Tacita, Italy: Gold Medal Large Flowers & Perfume Cup

A mythical place of the Parisian Music-Hall celebrated by a rose of rare elegance. This flower has a very beautiful color of porcelain pink in the heart and a pastel pink on the ends. The foliage is glossy dark green. Each rose has a total of 80 petals and measures 10 cm in diameter. The flower has a quarter shape. This plant has a bushy habit and its vegetation is dense and vigorous. Its flowering is abundant and remontant and its inflorescence is in clusters of 2 to 3 flowers. When summer comes, the rose emits a scent of fruity-scented flowers.

Use :

beds and outdoor cut flowers

You will dream of having this magnificent rosebush in your garden! He is magnificent ! Indeed, its peach color enhanced with coral and dark green foliage stands out well in the landscape. The flowers consist of 30 to 35 petals and 12 to 13 cm in diameter. The flower is turbinate in shape with slightly upturned petals which gives it a beautiful air. The plant has a bushy habit, its vegetation is strong and regular and its flowering abundant. Its inflorescence is solitary or in clusters of 1 to 2 flowers. The flowers give off a pleasant scent of yellow fruits when they open.


Awards :

Gold Medal The Hague

Le Roeulx Gold Medal

Belfast Gold Medal

Silver Medal Genes-Monza


This rose is a mutation of the essential variety "Le Grand Huit" (Adharman). The roses are elegant and the petals are a pearly pink color with a silver underside. Its foliage is large, dark green and glossy. Each flower consists of 35 petals and measures a diameter of 13 cm. The port of the plant and upright, its vegetation turns out to be strong and regular. Also, its flowering dates from May to frost. The exceptional characteristics attributed to this rose bush are: the intense fruity fragrance enhanced by a dewy note and its early flowering which continues continuously until November.

Use :

In beds or isolated, the effect will always be remarkable. Do not hesitate to put these flowers in a bouquet: they will do wonders!

Awards :

2011 Lyon, FR: Great Roses of the Century - Ht

2011 Genova (Euroflora), IT : Perfume Prize - 2nd Prize - Silver Medal

2011 Madrid, ES: Silver Medal

2010 Avignon (Alterarosa), FR : Public Prize - 3rd Prize

2010 Monza, IT : Mention for the perfume

2009 Bagatelle, FR : Certificate of Merit - Ht

2009 Bagatelle, FR : Children's Favorite - Coup de Coeur Award

2009 Nantes (Floralies), FR: Gold Medal

Certified : Label Rouge

This magnificent rose bush will enchant you with its medium pink petals, dotted with dark pink stardust. Its foliage is dense and green. The flower is composed of 32 petals, with a diameter of 12 cm it is cup-shaped. The rosebush has a bushy habit and flowers from spring until frost. The rose has a powerful scent of old rose, May rose and green note of Hexenyl. This scent is reminiscent of old roses and freshly cut hay.

Uses : isolated, walls, fences and bouquets

This rose has all the charm of its flower-shape former with a tender and delicate colors cream pink. On the other hand, it is robust and is flowering again in the course of the summer. The rose 'Pierre de Ronsard'® was awarded in 2006 the supreme award of the World Federation of Societies of Roses being elected " a Pink Favorite around the World." Height of 2/3 m

Always one of the first English Roses to begin flowering, its perfectly curled buds open to large, rosette-shaped blooms of brilliant pink. The strong and perfectly balanced scent of Old Rose is often described as the quintessence of Old Rose. It is a vigorous rose; it will form a medium-sized, upright shrub. Named in honor of the famous designer and author of gardens.


Bears very large, globular, light pink flowers, reminiscent of peonies. Despite their size, they are never clumsy and stand upright on the plant. The scent of the Old Rose is particularly strong and rich. It forms a bushy shrub; the flowers, leaves and growth are all proportionate. David Austin, 1986.

An excellent all-rounder with flowers in fragrant rosettes Pretty buds blooming in beautiful cupped rosettes, of a medium pink and very uniform. Their fruity fragrance is light to moderately strong. This rose blooms particularly early in the season, and continues to bloom in waves well into late fall. It is a very healthy and well-balanced shrub, with dark green foliage that makes its flowers stand out perfectly. It is named after the daughter of David Austin Junior, and granddaughter of David Austin Sr.


Price €17.00

Zéphirine Drouhin is the Romanica rose par excellence. Each of these climbing roses is infused with that wonderful old-fashioned rose scent that brings back memories of yesteryear. Due to its nearly thornless form, it is an excellent choice for use in floral arrangements and fresh-cut bouquets. These roses are gorgeous in an antique deep pink color that really pops against the dark green foliage.


Price €17.00

Very popular old variety due to its recurrent flowering and its exceptionally vigorous vegetation. It is very disease resistant. It trellises very easily thanks to its long flexible branches, almost without thorns. Sun or semi-shade exposure. The large double flowers, light pink almost white, give off an intense scent of fruit and tea.

This rose is a must have in your landscapes! The flowers are colored a beautiful antique pink. The foliage is dense and shiny. The flower has a quarter shape, it is made up of 50 petals and has a diameter of 10 cm. The plant has a bushy habit, its vegetation is strong and regular. Also, this rosebush has an abundant and remontant flowering. The intense fragrance is fruity and tangy. The inflorescence is solitary or in a cluster of 1 to 3 flowers.

Use :

Beds, flowerbeds and/or outdoor cut flowers