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  • Color: red

Rose VESUVIA ® Noare

Price €12.00

Single flowers with red stamens yellow gold that is 5 cm in diameter. Port covering. Planting 3 rose bushes to the m2 remote from 40 to 50 cm. Flowering from may to frost. Minimum maintenance and optional size.


The rosebush has all the technical assets to adapt to most situations encountered in the garden. Each rose is colored a beautiful bright red. Its foliage is green and matte. The flower has an elongated, turbinate shape, its number of petals is 50 petals and measures 8 cm. The plant has an erect habit and its vegetation is strong. Its flowering is abundant and remontant.

Use :

Outdoor beds and cut flowers

Reward :

This variety won the Public Prize in Barcelona in May 2015

It is a rosebush with very elegant flowers that will embellish your landscapes! The roses are colored fuschia purple and its foliage is dense medium green. The flower has a flat shape and it consists of 40 petals and is 8 cm in diameter. The plant has a bushy habit and its vegetation is vigorous. It is a very floriferous rose bush, its flowering turns out to be repeat-flowering. Its inflorescence is in a cluster of 2 to 3 flowers. The scent is fruity and sweet.

Use :

Beds, flowerbeds and/or outdoor cut flowers

This rose is very pretty with its large flowers in a romantic shape, reminiscent of the peony! The roses are colored an intense magenta. The foliage is large, deep green in color and slightly glazed. The roses are deep cup shaped. They are also composed of 40 petals and measure 11 cm in diameter. The plant has an erect habit, its vegetation is regular and its inflorescence often uniflorous. Its flowering is ascending and continues from May until frost. Its flowers have a scent reminiscent of red fruits.

Use :

In the background, in clumps and flowerbeds. This rosebush with an elegant, regular and very stocky habit is ideally suited for the flowering pot.

Awards :

2019 LYON, FR: The Most Beautiful Rose of France (Maurice Carron Prize)

2019 LYON, FR: Lyon Horticultural School Prize - Dardilly.

This large-flowered rosebush is gorgeous! At the beginning of its growth the young flower is dark red in color then over time when the flower opens out this color evolves towards a dark pink. The plant has an abundant and remontant flowering. The flowers diffuse a sensual floral accord of Rose De Damas combined with a powerful fruity note dominated by vine peach. This variety was selected by the French Society of Perfumers and baptized on its 70th anniversary. This rose is very fragrant ! 

This new rose colours red vermillion was born 50 years after the famous rose PAPA MEILLAND®. It is a rose fragrance strong fruity rosé, 45 petals, flower diameter is 12 cm. The foliage is dark green, the flowering is continuous and resistance to disease is excellent.

In memory of the marvelous actress, this large rose is original by the power of its very velvety blood red color with shiny foliage. The rose forms a beautiful ovoid button, it is composed of 32 petals and its diameter measures 9 cm. It is a flower with an erect port, very bushy and without perfume. The plant grows with several uniflorous stems on the same branch and its flowering is ascending.

Awards :

Gold Medal - Belfast 1985 + Best H.T

Trial Ground Certificate - 1983 - U.K.

Silver Medal - Rome 1984

Silver Medal - Geneva 1984

3rd Score in Australia

**Discovered by Rene BARTH**
Unique ! Probably the most beautiful climbing of the market with its foliage unique evolving from a red pruiné to a dark green, glossy, disease resistance, and its flower is very large (26 petals), a cardinal red dark velvety and above all her divine scent ! Height 2/4 m.


Price €17.00

This vigorous climbing rose will illuminate your garden all summer long with a multitude of carmine pink pompoms with a white center evolving towards red-purple. Modern variety, going back well to flowers. Very healthy, it received the ADR label in 1991 attesting to its great ornamental qualities!

It is a very beautiful rose that is enhanced by its large flowers. Each rose is colored pinkish purple with matte dark green foliage. This flower has a cupped and turbinate shape, it is composed of 45 petals and measures 10 cm in diameter. The plant has a bushy habit and its vegetation is strong and regular. The rosebush has an abundant and remontant flowering. The inflorescence is solitary or in a cluster of 1 to 3 flowers. The fragrance is intense and sweet.