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  • This little ground cover you will revive in form of double flowers in "old" and its countless petals (50). Its colour is a light pink fresh. Very resistant to rain and disease. Height 40/60 cm, Width 40 cm. 4/m2

  • Rose The Fairy offers continuous flowering from June until the beginning of the winter. Its double flowers are light pink colour. This rose, vigorous the port flared is a good ground cover that we can also plant in the planter. Width 80/100 cm planting density 3/m2

  • Is part of the generation of shrub with multiple uses, including for large spaces . This shrub with many flowers, blood red gloss is particularly going back. Foliage glossy dark green. Width 60 cm, 3/m2

  • Very decorative ground cover, this rose to spreading habit and drooping will seduce you by its flowering red eye white. In the winter, it will be very beautiful with its red berries and its branches in the bronze color. Any size. Height : 70/90 cm, Width 150/200 cm. 2/m2

  • Shrub ground covers of very great interest. The colour blood-red sparkling of its many flowers is particularly weather-resistant. It is to emphasize the faculty of this variety to have a withering own. Variety very hardy and free from disease. Width 40/60 cm. 2 to 3 /m2

  • This rose whose colours available with a harmonious assortment of roses. Worn by twigs flexible, its very small and numerous flowers will enchant you. Dark green foliage, good disease resistance. Width 80 cm. 2/m2

  • Very good shrub lining the many flowers of a pure white illuminated by the bright yellow of the stamens. Particularly, flowering and disease resistant. Foliage light green brilliant. Height 40/60 cm, Width 80 cm. 2 to 3/m2

  • Ground covers, flowering very abundant and special charm by its double flowers, candy pink, pronounced (16/20 petals, diameter of 6/7 cm). Foliage fresh green shiny. All these qualities make it a rosier landscape very interesting because of its brightness and its flowering very uplifting. Height 60 cm in the 1st year, 70/100 cm in the 2nd year, width...

  • A shrub of great interest to the port drooping and the bloom is very abundant. Its flowers are pink-backed color persistent to ensure exceptional decoration during all the beautiful season. Its dark green foliage and free from diseases is a great complement to this variety. Width 60 cm. 2 to 3/m2

  • Flower very dense 110/120 petals. The port spread and compact, profuse flowering, give this rose look like a little pillow of flowers, new and spectacular. Ideal for small gardens. Height 50 cm, Width 80/100 cm. 2 to 3 /m2

  • This variety lends itself to all lands and to all situations : it flowers even in the shade ! Small, dark green leaves, 25 petals of pure white with a light heart ivory. Height 40/50 cm, Width: 50/60 cm. 3 to 4 /m2

  • Excellent rose very creepy, the foliage healthy and the flowering abundant, slopes, flower beds, rock gardens... Very good resistance to the cold. Flower of a pure white and very double (25 petals). Height, 30/40 cm, Width 100/150 cm. 2/m2

Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items