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Rosebush Golden Delight

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This rose tree stands out from other roses by its shape and color. It is a bedding rose with repeat flowering. This rose is made of a beautiful yellow color that is very vivid and bright. Its diameter measures 7cm. It is a superb flower which decorates the landscape very nicely, it is cup-shaped, very flared. Its habit is compact and its foliage healthy.


Price €11.00

This rosebush with grouped flowers bears yellow flowers nuanced with orange, of great elegance. Floriferous, hardy and disease resistant YELLOWSTONE ® Oraleymy performs particularly well in pots. 40 petals, flower diameter 5 cm.

It is a rose perfectly suited to picking. The flowers are colored pink with amber reflections. The foliage is dull green. The roses are cup-shaped, they have 80 petals and measure 8 cm. The rosebush has a bushy habit, its vegetation is vigorous and compact. Its flowering is very abundant and remontant. The roses are scented with fruity notes of peach and almond which is very pleasant. The rose harvest can take place throughout the season. The plant has a cluster inflorescence.

Use :

Beds, borders and flowerbeds

It is a very beautiful bedding rose that gives a profusion of fragrant flowers throughout the season. The roses are colored golden yellow. Its foliage is shiny green. Each rose has a cup shape, it has a total of 45 petals and is 8 cm in diameter. The plant has a bushy habit and its vegetation is compact. This rose has a very abundant flowering, ascending and its inflorescence is in a cluster. Its flowers are fragrant with pink and spicy aromas.

Use : beds, borders and flowerbeds

This rose is splendid with its large two-tone flowers, elegant and well turbinate. The roses are yellow hemmed with a bright orange-red. Its foliage is intensely dark green and glossy. Each rose is made up of 40 petals and measures 12 cm in diameter. The plant has an upright and compact habit, its vegetation is strong and regular. Flowering is ascending and continues from May to the first frosts. Perfumers have described this fragrance as powerful, floral and rosy with a fruity note reminiscent of lychee, peach, apricot, mango, passion fruit, crowned by a fresh note of citrus and bergamot lemon. In three words: floral, fruity and citrus.

Use :

in the background, in clumps and in flowerbeds

This rosebush with an elegant, regular and very stocky habit is ideally suited for the flowering pot.

Awards :

2016 Avignon (Alterarosa), FR: 1st prize Alterarosa (Audience Prize)

2015 Nantes, FR: International Grand Prize for Perfume

2014 Lyon, FR: 3rd Prize - HT

This rose is very beautiful! The flowers bloom and become large and imposing over time. The roses are colored a deep yellow. Its foliage is shiny green. Each rose is in the shape of a quarter, it consists of 50 to 55 petals and measures 15 cm in diameter. The plant has a flared habit, its vegetation turns out to be abundant. The rosebush also has repeat flowering which occurs from May to frost. The inflorescence of the rose is solitary or in a cluster of 1-2 flowers. Roses have an intense fragrance.

Use :

outdoor beds, flowerbeds and cut flowers

Awards :

- Gold Medal and Rose d'Or Baden-Baden 2002

- Monza Silver Medal 2003

- Warsaw Certificate 2005 & 2010

Diese Rose hat eine außergewöhnliche Blütenpracht! Die Rosen sind mit einer schönen Originalfarbe von Pastis gefärbt. Sein Laub ist dicht und glänzend hellgrün. Jede Rose besteht aus 45 Blütenblättern und hat einen Durchmesser von 12 cm. Die Pflanze hat einen buschigen Wuchs und blüht vom Frühling bis zum Frost. Der Rosenstrauch hat einen starken Anisduft.

Verwendung : Isoliert, Wände, Zäune und Blumensträuße

Auszeichnungen :

1990 :

Rom, Italien : Goldmedaille

Den Haag, Niederlande : Zertifikat

Saverne, Frankreich : Silbermedaille

1991 :

Lyon, Frankreich : Prestige der Rose

This shrub rose with large elongated flowers has 25 to 30 petals and measures 13 cm in diameter. The color of this pretty rose is amber yellow which gives a warm and poetic atmosphere. Its foliage is medium, dark green and shiny. This rose will also seduce with its unique intense fragrance of lemongrass with lemongrass. The inflorescence of this flower is uniflorous.

A veritable wall of yellow flowers reminiscent of the richness of Polynesian sarongs and an invitation to travel. The plant is very floriferous and the glossy dark green foliage remains very healthy all season long.

It is a magnificent rosebush with its canary yellow color and its shiny green foliage. It is a ray of sunshine for gardens, balconies and terraces. The rose is composed of 60 petals and measures 9 cm in diameter. It is a climbing and erect rose. Its vegetation is regular and its flowering repeats. Its inflorescence is in clusters of 4 to 5 flowers. This rose has a fragrance with fruity and intense notes.

Use :

Facades, pylons, barriers and pergolas

It is a very beautiful climbing rose! The rose has a very bright pure yellow color and dark green foliage. Each rose has 30 petals in total and measures 12cm in diameter. This rose blooms vigorously and its inflorescence consists of 3 to 4 roses.

Use :

Ideal for trellises, fences, facades and pergolas

The exceptionally large bright pink flowers are full of petals and deeply cupped. Despite their size, they are never clumsy, as they are well maintained on a well-rounded shrub. The scent of fresh tea, strong and delicious, turns into lemon and eventually takes on accents of blackcurrant. It owes its name to Princess Alexandra, a gardening enthusiast.



Price €16.00

Medium sized cubs with a distinct rosette bloom - tinted orange at first, quickly becoming a rich yellow. It has a slightly to medium musky tea rose scent. Growth is compact, regular and erect. Named after the Wolverhampton Wanderers football stadium.


BATHSHEBA ® Auschimbley

Price €16.00

Apricot-yellow buds open into multi-petalled, shallow rosettes. They are a beautiful blend of subtle apricot pink and soft yellow, giving the overall impression of an apricot, with creamy outer petals. The myrrh scent is superb, with hints of honey and tea. It forms a short and vigorous climbing plant. The name was inspired by the heroine of Thomas Hardy's film, Far from the Madding Crowd.

One of the largest flowering English roses, with rich yellow flowers in the shape of giant cups. They have a strong scent of tea, developing wonderfully combined notes of Sauternes wine and strawberry. It forms a rounded shrub, with ample foliage - the flowers are held in balance on long arching branches.