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The small flowers of an intense yellow, are flat in shape, composed of ten petals and the subtle smell of honey. Flowering in clusters of 20 to 60 small flowers, yellow is spectacular. It blooms all summer and is flowering again nicely in the fall. Its foliage to supported is robust. Height 350/400 cm. Use : TRELLIS, FENCE, PERGOLAS, since its branches are very flexible.

Climbing small development. Attached on a pole, it covers itself with flowers from the bottom to the top of the branches. Ideal for the realization of vertical gardens. Re-flowering of been amazing.
The shape of a flower in district, pink color dark cherry, diameter of flower is 8 cm, 100 petals about
Small foliage, decorative, inflorescence with 2 to 5 flowers, height 1,50 to 2m

This climbing produces large blooms (35 petals), elegantly turbines, the colour pink and the reverse side of money. Intense fragrance, fresh, fruity, with notes of rose classic. Climbing rose that is exceptionally strong with a foliage very dark green "leather" and glossy
Height 2.50 m /+

With its beautiful roses in pure white, double, in clusters, which are resistant to rain, this rose has great decorative qualities, it is beautiful trellised on a wall of dark bricks, for example. But he will dress as a grid of a fence or a pergola. In addition, it is quite disease resistant, very winding and provides excellent cut flowers.
Height 3 m

This rose enriches our collection of climbing by its numerous pink flowers porcelain in a delicious fragrance of citrus and marshmallow. His force and his foliage light green brilliant are many additional advantages to its generous flowering remontant. Diameter of flower 6 to 8 cm, number of petals 70 to 80.
Inflorescence in clusters of 3 to 5 flowers. Height 3 to 4 m

 The decorative effect is ensured by the dark stripe that takes on the appearance of the chocolate. the foliage, very dark, enhances one more time this colour is unique in the range of climbing. The original color cream clear, widely striate cocoa, and the light fragrance make his a success. Height 2m. Foliage dark green, glossy. 37 petals around, light fragrance,
diameter flower 9 cm.

**Discovered by Rene BARTH**
Unique ! Probably the most beautiful climbing of the market with its foliage unique evolving from a red pruiné to a dark green, glossy, disease resistance, and its flower is very large (26 petals), a cardinal red dark velvety and above all her divine scent ! Height 2/4 m.

This rose has all the charm of its flower-shape former with a tender and delicate colors cream pink. On the other hand, it is robust and is flowering again in the course of the summer. The rose 'Pierre de Ronsard'® was awarded in 2006 the supreme award of the World Federation of Societies of Roses being elected " a Pink Favorite around the World." Height of 2/3 m

A Hybrid Wichurana buttons yellow blossoming flowers cream-white, well double, in small clusters. Growth very vigorous and ample foliage almost persistent. Very healthy. Ideal to hide a building unsightly or to dress up the trunks of trees. Flowering in early summer, often with a beautiful second bloom.
Height 6/8 m

Flowering is continuous and heavy flowering. The flowers 7cm diameter, double, joined together in clusters, sweet-scented stain of pink.
The rose 'New Dawn' is a climbing vine, and has a foliage healthy and dark green.
Height : 3 to 5 m

Beautiful climbing flowers semi-double red-fuchsia (diameter flower 4 to 5 cm). Foliage glossy dark green. Natural resistance to diseases. Flowering abundant and generous of June to the frosts. Very vigorous and rustic. Resistance to weathering and high temperatures.
Height approximately 2.50 m