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Rosebush Golden Delight

Price €8.00

This rose tree stands out from other roses by its shape and color. It is a bedding rose with repeat flowering. This rose is made of a beautiful yellow color that is very vivid and bright. Its diameter measures 7cm. It is a superb flower which decorates the landscape very nicely, it is cup-shaped, very flared. Its habit is compact and its foliage healthy.

Rosebush Europeana

Price €8.00

This bush rose with clustered flowers stands out well in the landscape thanks to its brilliant velvety red color and its purple-brown foliage. This rose is found in a bouquet of 3 to 5 flowers. The beautiful flower is fragrant and floriferous.

Rosebush Kimono

Price €8.00

This flower is very beautiful and its coral pink color gives a romantic atmosphere. Its flowering is remontant. This rose is adorned with double flowers and is also remontant. It is a small rose with a bushy and rustic habit, it settles in a bed or on the edge of the beginning of summer until frost. 

A well deserved name for these beautiful vermilion orange cluster roses. The Rose Orange Sensation is a robust and floriferous bush rose. Its fragrance is light. Flowering occurs from June to October.

Use : isolated, massive and border.

Rosebush Lili Marleen

Price €8.00

This rose is one of the classic roses, it turns out to be very decorative! Its flowers are made of a very beautiful velvety red color, they are semi-double and well open. Its foliage is dark green and glossy. Each rose is made up of 25 petals and forms a set of 11 cm in diameter. The flower is slightly fragrant. This plant is vigorous and well branched. It is a fairly hardy rose as it thrives in all situations. 

Renowned for its graceful flowers pink carminé, on long stems with almost no thorns, this rose, seen in many gardens, is very prolific flowering in all the culture conditions and the like even in mid-shade. A light fragrance and discreet, and the flowers will bloom from June until freeze-up.
Plant healthy and vigorous.

Rosebush Nina Weibull

Price €8.00

This cluster-flowered shrub rose is a beautiful dark red with green foliage. It is a vigorous rosebush and its repeat flowering is very generous from May until frost. It has very beautiful vegetation. These roses are ideal for making bouquets.

SALTO ® Tan106008

Price €11.00

This very floriferous rose, with its orange-apricot flowers that hold up well to the sun, offers a bright display all summer long. Its disease resistance is excellent. 15 to 20 petals, flower diameter 6 to 8 cm

True innovation! The flowering, a veritable firework of finely cut flowers, is enhanced by very healthy dark green foliage. Orange flowers with yellow and pink tints lighten as they bloom, so that the bush is constantly covered with flowers of different shapes and colors. Its fairly low habit makes it ideal for creating colorful beds all summer long, mixed with perennials and shrubs. 15 to 20 petals, flower diameter 5 cm


Price €11.00

This rosebush with grouped flowers bears yellow flowers nuanced with orange, of great elegance. Floriferous, hardy and disease resistant YELLOWSTONE ® Oraleymy performs particularly well in pots. 40 petals, flower diameter 5 cm.

It is a rose perfectly suited to picking. The flowers are colored pink with amber reflections. The foliage is dull green. The roses are cup-shaped, they have 80 petals and measure 8 cm. The rosebush has a bushy habit, its vegetation is vigorous and compact. Its flowering is very abundant and remontant. The roses are scented with fruity notes of peach and almond which is very pleasant. The rose harvest can take place throughout the season. The plant has a cluster inflorescence.

Use :

Beds, borders and flowerbeds

It is a very beautiful bedding rose that gives a profusion of fragrant flowers throughout the season. The roses are colored golden yellow. Its foliage is shiny green. Each rose has a cup shape, it has a total of 45 petals and is 8 cm in diameter. The plant has a bushy habit and its vegetation is compact. This rose has a very abundant flowering, ascending and its inflorescence is in a cluster. Its flowers are fragrant with pink and spicy aromas.

Use : beds, borders and flowerbeds

This new variety, dedicated to the most famous chef of his time, the first cook to receive the Legion of Honor, is truly exceptional. This rose has cup-shaped flowers and its flowers are apricot in color. Its foliage is green and half-matt. Each rose has a total of 35 petals and measures 8 cm in diameter. The plant has a bushy, semi-erect habit and flowers from spring to frost. The rose bush has an inflorescence of 1 to 3 flowers per stem. The abundance of flowers, which give off a light almond scent until late in the fall, is reminiscent of Auguste Escoffier's most famous creation : peach melba.

Use :

beds, borders in the garden or in a large pot to decorate the terrace and the balcony

This variety is remarkable! Indeed, this rose bush is robust, which allows it to adapt to all situations: in the garden as well as on the terrace or balcony. This rose has its charm because its many petals are creamy white and intense, it is also for this reason that it becomes a romantic flower. The flowers are of inflorescence of 2 to 12 flowers per stem and cup-shaped.

The rose is beautiful, in addition it is very floriferous! This rose has won the prestigious Prize of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg at the Baden-Baden competition in Germany because its uninterrupted flowering from May to frost is very popular, which gives it real added value.

This variety goes particularly well with perennials and grasses to create enchanting flower pots or beds perfectly suited to the climate of the Côte d'Azur, where poetry is tinged with modernism.

Reward :

Competition : Prize of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Baden Baden (Germany)

The Baie Des Anges ROMANTICA ® Radprov rose is a unique variety that leaves no one indifferent! What makes this rose unique is its profusion of beautiful, very double pink flowers, 9 cm in diameter, which are produced continuously from spring to frost. Its foliage is dark green and glossy.

The plant is very healthy with a compact habit, it will do wonders in gardens or on terraces, where its enchanting fragrance will awaken your senses. Its inflorescence consists of 1 to 7 flowers per stem. Its flowering takes place from spring to autumn.

This rose is perfect in association with perennials or annuals. This rose has a powerful fragrance with citrus aromas. The scent of this flower evokes the surroundings of the Promenade des Anglais.

This Radprov ROMANTICA ® Baie des Anges rose bush will bring a touch of romance to your flower beds or pots!

Matthias Meilland

It is a fantastic golden yellow flower, from bud to end of bloom, on a bush with glossy dark green foliage. The number of petals is 16 and the diameter of the flower 8 cm. Its flowering is continuous from May to frost. Its fragrance is light. This variety is very medalist. The plant has a bushy covering habit and its inflorescence is 6 to 15 flowers.

Uses :

clumps and borders

Awards :

2014 :

Baden-Baden, Germany: 1st Prize, Prize of the Ministry of Rural Affairs and Consumption

The Hague, Netherlands: Certificate

Lyon, France: Jury Prize

Saverne, France: Gold Medal

2015 :

Lyon, France: RR Award (Remontance and Resistance) ADR

A great classic from Meilland, the colour rose bengal very bright. Rose with bushy habit, is ideal in the solid. Early flowering and spectacular in its abundance and continuity, dark green foliage mat, dense, and very resistant. A delicate perfume rose may. About 25/30 petals.
Diameter flower 11 cm.
Exists in climbing

This rosebush is magnificent with its apricot color and shiny green foliage. This rose is composed of 30 petals and measures between 6 to 8 cm in diameter. It is a cup-shaped rose. Also, this rose is an excellent floribunda with a compact and bushy habit with very regular vegetation. Its flowering is very abundant and remontant and its inflorescence is in clusters of 10 to 15 flowers. The flower is slightly scented with honey and lemon, it is a tangy scent.

Red Label

Awards :

- Rose d'or Paris 2011

- 1st Prize Paris 2011

- Lyon 2011 certificate

- Paris 2011 Journalist Prize

- Monza Gold Medal 2011

- Rose d'Or Baden-Baden 2011

- Gold Medal Baden-Baden 2011

- Public Prize The Hague 2011

- Certificate The Hague 2011

- Monaco 2012 certificate

A great rosebush man: discoverer of hieroglyphics, father of Egyptology, he contributed to the influence of France in the 19th century. A large rosebush to pay homage to him!

This clustered flower rose is very beautiful with its ivory white color and shiny green foliage. Each rose is composed of 70 to 75 petals and its diameter is between 8 to 10 cm. This flower has a beautiful cupped shape. Flowering is abundant from May to frost. The inflorescence of the rose is in clusters of 10-12 flowers. Its vegetation is vigorous and its bushy habit. The scent of this flower is powerful and peppery.

This rose bush will light up your garden until the end of autumn. This rose is very beautiful with its light vermilion red color and its matte medium green foliage. Each rose is in the shape of a quarter, it is made up of 80 petals and measures 9 cm in diameter. Its flowering is continuous, its vegetation is strong and its habit is bushy. The inflorescence is 1-5 flowers per stem.

The qualities of this variety enabled it to win an ADR (Allgemeine Deutsche Rosenneuheitenprüfungen) 2004, the German award, proof of exceptional health. The dark red color is expressed all the more when the climate is cold. In the fall this variety is always among the most beautiful in the garden.

Awards : ADR 2004, 3rd prize at the Floribundas (Monza 2003) 

We present to you this superb Rosa "Fellowship" rose which is a British variety created by Harkness in 1992. This rose has a bright orange color with dense dark green foliage. Each rose is 10 cm in diameter, its shape is cupped and gathered in a bouquet. The "Fellowship" rose has a bushy, upright habit. Its flowering is remontant and its inflorescence is double. The rose has a light fragrance.

It is an exceptional rose with romantic charm. This rose has an original color which is the Bengal rose with dense dark green satin foliage. Each flower is composed of 75 to 80 petals and measures a diameter of 8 cm. The scent is light and made of aromas of green apples and cut grass. Its flowering takes place from May to frost.

Awards :

- Monza Gold Medal (Italy) 1993

- Certificate Belfast (Northern Ireland) 1996

- Certificate The Hague (Netherlands) 1996

- Gold Medal The Hague (Netherlands) 1997,

- Top Rosen Netherlands 1997

This magnificent rose is very bright orange-red in color with dark green and shiny bronze foliage. The roses are composed of 20 petals and measure a diameter of 8 cm. The inflorescence of this rosebush is double. This bushy rose is very dense. Its flowering is vigorous. A light fragrance emanates from this flower.

This rose has a pretty red color which is bright and over time we see the golden stamens of the rose appear. Its foliage is satiny green and bronze on the young flowers. The rose consists of 25 to 27 petals with a diameter of 10 cm. This plant is very floriferous, its inflorescence is made in bouquets of roses up to 8 flowers per stem!

Awards :

- Saverne 1983 certificate

- Gold Medal Frankfurt (Germany) 1989

It is a beautiful rose with its intense and luminous carmine pink color. Its foliage is shiny khaki green. The flowers of 25 petals each are abundant and their blooms are uninterrupted. It is a remontant plant. This rose is lightly scented!

Awards  :

- Large rose of the century in Lyon in 1992

- Bronze Medal in Rome in 1991

- Gold Medal at Bagatelle in 1991

It is a rose that stands out well with its white color with red borders which gives it a unique beauty. It's a nice color effect. Its foliage is very dense, medium green and matte. This rose also has a cup shape, its number of petals amounts to 35 on average and its diameter is 10 cm. This plant has a bushy habit, its vegetation is very strong and its flowering very abundant and uninterrupted. Its inflorescence is 2 to 5 flowers per stem. This rose and fragrance free.

Reward :

- Saverne 2000 certificate

- Silver Medal & Rose of Madrid Spain) 2000

- Gold Medal Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2000

- Baden-Baden Casino Prize (Germany) 2000

- Bronze Medal Genoa (Italy) 2001

- Orleans certificate 2002

- AARS (All American Rose Selection, USA) 2003

- 1st Floribunda Prize, Gold Medal and Best Rose in the Australia 2004 competition

- Rose Hill Gold Medal (USA) 2006

Rosebush Gipsy ® Kiboh

Price €11.00

This rose is magnificent with its two-tone effect! Its large flowers are sensual with their light petals subtly combining their tender lemon yellow with a vigorous strawberry red. The foliage is glossy dark green. This rose has a turbinate shape, it is made up of 45 petals and measures a diameter of 9 cm. Its inflorescence is in clusters of 3 to 5 flowers. Its vegetation is regular and homogeneous.

Reward :

- Silver Medal Saverne 1985

- Gold Medal The Hague (Netherlands) 1985

- Monza Gold Medal (Italy) 1985

This rose is adorned with beautiful bright vermilion red flowers which contrast elegantly with the glossy, ample and dense dark green foliage. Each of the roses is oval in shape and opens into a cup. The rose consists of 35 petals and a diameter of 9 to 10 cm. The port of the rosebush is climbing and its vegetation is vigorous. Its inflorescence turns out to be pauciflorous. It is a rose with a light fragrance.

Reward :

- Plant variety certificate

- Certificate The Hague (Netherlands) 1974

- People's Choice Valbypark, Copenhagen 1974

- Certificate Baden-Baden 1975

- Belfast certificate 1977

- Certificate The Hague 1977

- ADR Germany 1977 

Nature has provided Botticelli Meisylpho with three plant graces: they are beautiful roses throughout the season and they are also a well-branched, compact plant. It also has excellent disease resistance and hardiness.

This flat cut rose is Oriental Rose in color with a light Neyron Rose reverse. Its foliage is dark green, semi-matt and very dense. Its number of petals amounts to 55 petals and measures a diameter of 9 to 10 cm. The habit of this plant is bushy and its vegetation is strong. The rose has an early, very abundant and uninterrupted flowering. The inflorescence is 2 to 15 flowers per stem.

It is a very beautiful rose with coral red petals which are highlighted by dark green foliage. Each rose is turbinate in shape with 30 petals and a diameter of 8 to 10 cm. It is a robust, generous rosebush with long flowering. Its flowering proves to be remontant, its inflorescence and double and its pronounced fragrance is very pleasant.

It is a rosebush of great value! Its pretty brick-red flowers and shiny green foliage will embellish your beds and borders. This rose with 18 cup-shaped petals is lightly scented. Its flowering is uninterrupted. This plant has a vigorous vegetation, it is very floriferous. It has an erect habit.