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  • This is an excellent floribunda vigorous and flowering very impressive from the plantation. Its flowers are large and full burst on a dark green foliage and brilliant. 30 petals, diameter of flower 6 to 8 cm. Inflorescence in clusters of 10 to 15 flowers. Scent is honey and lemon. Height 60/70 cm

  • Its spectacular colour vermillion red will brighten your garden until the end of the fall. The plant low and compact, lends itself particularly well to the planting beds and borders. Foliage small, dense and shiny. Approximately 80 petals. Diameter of flower is 10 cm.

  • This rose to bloom remontant, is adorned with double flowers, pink, tender and fragrant, early summer to frost. Small and bushy plant form, it settles within a solid or on the edge.  

  • Renowned for its graceful flowers pink carminé, on long stems with almost no thorns, this rose, seen in many gardens, is very prolific flowering in all the culture conditions and the like even in mid-shade. A light fragrance and discreet, and the flowers will bloom from June until freeze-up. Plant healthy and vigorous.  

  • This rose to a massive of the colours red orange coral dark (30 petals) to keep its color intact up to the withering. Its powerful fragrance will intoxicate you.

  • This rose is part of the rose classic, very decorative with its flowers semi-double, well opened, a beautiful blood-red velvet. Plant vigorous and well-branched. It is a rose plant quite rustic, as it pleases in all situations.  

  • Bush vigorous, very prolific flowering. Foliage purple-brown. Beautiful double flowers in blood-red scarlet.  

  • Splendid rose the colour orange light.Flowering is remontant. The flowers of 10cm in diameter, double, cup-shaped, joined together in clusters, sweet-scented stain of dark orange. The rose 'Fellowship' has a bushy habit and erect, and foliage dense and dark green. Rosa 'Fellowship' is a obtaining british created by Harkness in 1992. Slightly fragrant.

  • Rose bush with flowers clustered. Flowering remontant very generous of may until the frosts, very beautiful vegetation. Flowers of a beautiful dark red ideal for making bouquets.

  • Beautiful rose bush in flower bouquets (20 petals, flower diameter 8 cm). Light fragrance. Use : beds, bedding, cut flowers. Height 50/70 cm.

  • A flower of a golden yellow fantastic, from the button to the endof blossoming, on a bush with dark green shiny leaves. Flowering may continue to frost. Number of petals 16,flower diameter 8 cm. Variety with lot of medals.

  • A name well deserved for these roses, in clusters, light scent, a blazing red-orange. The Rose Orange Sensation is robust and flowering.  

Showing 1 - 12 of 38 items