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Renowned for its graceful flowers pink carminé, on long stems with almost no thorns, this rose, seen in many gardens, is very prolific flowering in all the culture conditions and the like even in mid-shade. A light fragrance and discreet, and the flowers will bloom from June until freeze-up.
Plant healthy and vigorous.

This cluster-flowered shrub rose is a beautiful dark red with green foliage. It is a vigorous rosebush and its repeat flowering is very generous from May until frost. It has very beautiful vegetation. These roses are ideal for making bouquets.

This rose tree stands out from other roses by its shape and color. It is a bedding rose with repeat flowering. This rose is made of a beautiful yellow color that is very vivid and bright. Its diameter measures 7cm. It is a superb flower which decorates the landscape very nicely, it is cup-shaped, very flared. Its habit is compact and its foliage healthy.

This clustered-flowered shrub rose stands out well in the landscape thanks to its brilliant velvety red color and its purple-brown foliage. This rose is found in a bouquet of 3 to 5 flowers. The beautiful flower is fragrant and floriferous.

Rose Kimono

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This flower is very beautiful and its coral pink color gives a romantic atmosphere. Its flowering is remontant. This rose is adorned with double flowers and is also remontant. It is a small rose with a bushy and rustic habit, it settles in a bed or on the edge of the beginning of summer until frost. 

The Mrs. A.Meilland rose is the most famous and widely cultivated in the world. Also known as "Peace".
This rose obtained the AARS (All América Rose Sélection), the most prestigious award in the USA, and was voted "Favorite Rose of the Whole World". Flower diameter 15 cm. It is a shrub rose with large two-tone yellow and carmine flowers.

This rose is one of the classic roses, it turns out to be very decorative! Its flowers are made of a very beautiful velvety red color, they are semi-double and well open. Its foliage is dark green and glossy. Each rose is made up of 25 petals and forms a set of 11 cm in diameter. The flower is slightly fragrant. This plant is vigorous and well branched. It is a fairly hardy rose as it thrives in all situations. 

This rose has large, very double golden yellow flowers that stand out beautifully against dark, shiny foliage. Sweet scent. Isolated, flower beds and cut flowers. Blooms from May to frost. This shrub rose is elegant and bright.

Resistance to diseases and exceptional floribondity! Autumn bloom remarkable and pink color Bengal slightly suffused
with bright red cardinal bright. Bushy harbor very homogeneous.
Very dense and resistant foliage. Rewarded by the prestigious A.D.R.
German, the gold medal in Genoa and the American A.A.R.S.